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Air Plant Supply Co: Buy from our large variety of natural wood displays. Great for nature-inspired home decor. Unique gift ideas great for any occasion. Selection from cork bark displays, driftwood containers and cholla cactus containers. Fast shipping and 30 day satisfaction guarantee Cholla Wood Display - Aeranthos Hybrid Air Plant. 1 review. Sold Out. Metallic Gold Air Plant Pod. 1 review. $11.99. Valentine's Day Gift: Red Air Plant Pod. No reviews. from $12.99 Hanging Air Plant Holder 2 Tier Airplant Hanger Wood Display Tillandsia Can Place 6 Air Plants, Succulent ,for Wall Decor Indoor (Plant Not Included) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $39.99 $ 39 . 9 Cholla Wood Container for Display Air Plants/Tillandsia - 30 Day Air Plant Guarantee - Container - Display - Holder - FAST SHIPPING AirPlantShopCom 5 out of 5 stars (9,361) Sale Price $4.21 $ 4.21 $ 4.95 Original Price $4.95 (15% off.

Table Top Air Plant Garden ,air plant holder, air plant frame, handmade, wood frame, air plant display FramedPlants 5 out of 5 stars (33) Sale Price $31.50 $ 31.50 $ 45.00 Original Price $45.00 (30% off) FREE shipping Add to Favorites More colors. hanging jars with stones and air plants. hanging boards with copper wire to display air plants. hanging wooden planter with moss, shells and air plants. hanging mobile with a hoop. metal frames for displaying many air plants. wooden frame with a twine web for display. wooden circles with holders. twine and a wooden stick air plant holder

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25. How to Make a Wooden Air Plant Holder. A wooden air plant holder is easy to place anywhere, more durable, and wood brings a pretty enticing texture to any decor. You just need about 10 x 10 cm and 15 cm long wooden box. Along with some acrylic paint and the basic craft supplies. crafts tutsplus. 26. Best DIY Air Plant Pot Rubber Wood Air Plant Display Tray, $13. 10 Macrame Plant Hanger. Amazon. Add a touch of greenery to your boho decor with a hammock-style macrame plant hanger. Whether you opt for a pot or leave the plant bare, a macrame holder brings texture to an earthy look. SHOP THE LOO Airplantman's custom design/build air plant green walls are featured in luxury hotels, fine restaurants, commercial spaces and private residences. Purpose-built to thrive, these living works of art are high impact and low maintenance featuring integrated irrigation, grow light systems and optional mobility. MORE CUSTOM INSTALLATIONS >

When mounting plants with bulbous bases (such as the T. bulbosa belize, T. caput medusae, or T. pseudobaileyi) make sure to mount them horizontally or upside down to help prevent water from collecting in their bases which can cause them to rot. If youdo use glue to mount your air plants, be sure to dunk or spray them instead of soaking A good air plant display can really set your tillandsias off. Gain some inspiration for your own display from these 14 air plant display ideas. We cover air plants in macrame pots, cork displays, driftwood mounts, grid and mesh arrangements, terrariums and, ceramic pots, wreaths, frames and more. F Danmu 3pcs (3 Sizes) Wood Stand Air Plant Holder, Air Plant Display, Airplant Container, Air Plant Frame, Tabletop Planter, Tillandsia Planter. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 166. $10.99. $10. . 99. Join Prime to save $1.10 on this item. Get it as soon as Thu, Jan 14 Based on the type of Air Plant you have, its size, shape and colours, you can either display them as an individual plant or in groups or add them to a composition of other plants or decor objects. They pretty much fit with everything. However, it's important you choose the display that suits your particular Air Plant the best

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  1. May 30, 2012 - Explore AppalachianTropicals's board Air Plant Display Ideas, followed by 674 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about air plant display, plant display ideas, air plants
  2. Air Plant Supply Co: Buy from our large variety of wholesale wood containers. Items include natural cork bark displays, driftwood containers and cholla cactus containers. Wholesale open to the public. Perfect for weddings, corporate events and resellers. Start your small business with our low prices. Fast Shipping
  3. 10 of 18. air plant magnets (via greenthumbwhiteapron) 11 of 18. tillandsia holder (via joyusgarden) 12 of 18. air plant wall display (via shelterness) 13 of 18. leather holder (via theprudentgarden) 14 of 18
  4. Air plants, air plant, air plant ideas. While some people might see them as castoffs, wooden spools serve as the perfect pedestal for plants like T. andreana (which will someday sprout a tomato-red flower). Here, a wood burl also works as a no-cost display. 6 of 14. View All

Copper is toxic to Air Plants, so avoid wood displays with copper accents or fixings. Rust is also a lethal element for an Air Plant display, so be sure the wood mounting isn't using a material that will rust over time. Caring For Air Plants Mounted on Wood. Proper Lighting for Air Plants Mounted On Wood How to Make an Air Plant Frame. Repurpose an old frame to display your favorite air plants. Just add chicken wire for the backing and use paper clips as plant hangers. Use an antique frame and chicken wire as a holder for air plants. Hang on a wall and adorn with your favorite air plants I love Air Plants! Now that I live in the desert I wanted a new way to display them on beautiful Cholla Wood.You can read more about my Air Plant creatio.. Add air plants, moss, and other plant materials for a low-maintenance, all-natural tabletop centerpiece that you can display indoors or outdoors. The DIY idea is available here to follow! 38 Click here for more DIY videos https://bit.ly/2nMvRGRFollow us Here:Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gardenanswerInstagram: http://www.instagram.com/gardena..

Above: Tillandsia harrisii is a very unique looking air plant, with its silver/gray appearance and abundance of trichomes, notes seller Air Plant Design Studio. It will grow to well over 8 inches high and will display beautiful red and purple blooms. A three-pack of Tillandsia Harrisii is $14.99 from Air Plant Design Studio Because they need no soil, air plants are easy to display almost anywhere! If you got here looking for general information about caring for your air plants, hop over to the Tillandsia air plant care post instead. This article here covers 10 ways to display your air plants. 10 air plant display ideas and quick DIY' Step 1: Find a sturdy piece of wood that you would like to use for this project. Step 2: Wrap the bottom portion of the air plant with moss. Sheet moss, reindeer moss, forest moss & Spanish moss will work well for this project. Step 3: Use a long piece of wire to wrap around the moss, securing it to the air plant & leave enough wire for mounting. Step 4: Place the air plant where you want it. Air Plant Holders - Containers to Display Your Tillandsia Collection. These air plant holders are cute. compact and perfect to display your tillandsia collection. Air plants are not only fun to grow, they are also fun to display. So many household items can be fashioned into containers for these sweet little plants that don't need soil to grow DIY Driftwood Air Plant Holder. This is a really simple project! All you need is a piece of driftwood, a drill, and a spade bit. Figure out how many openings you'd like in your air plant holder and mark them on your wood. Then carefully make a hole on each of the marked positions using a power drill with a spade bit

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  1. Air Plant Shop specializes in Tillandsia air plants, terrariums, botanical branch arrangements, wedding and event favors. All orders are hand-selected and shipped by our team in St. Augustine, Florida. Shop with confidence as our plants are protected by our 30 Day Health & Quality Guarantee. Read Our Guarantee
  2. 1. Geometric Planters. Use thin brass tubes to recreate these geometric air plant holders, which are perfect for displaying hanging air plants! Watch and understand the instructions here. 2. DIY Air Plant Hanger. Unveil your favorite air plants in your home against the backdrop of natural wood slices, using a copper-colored ring
  3. Various air plant creations graced my front porch when I lived in Santa Barbara. Growing them in that temperate climate just 7 blocks from the beach made it easy. I now live in the Sonoran Desert so it seems fitting that I would create an air plant display on cholla wood
  4. Air Plant City: Shop our most popular wholesale wood displays, and terrariums. Perfect for gifting or home decor. Our selection includes cork bark displays, Mopani, grapevine wood, driftwood containers and cholla cactus containers. 30 day guarantee and fast shipping for all orders
  5. Display your air plants, Air Plant Vessel and all your favorite knick-knacks with the Air Plant Peg Board. Designed to be easily customizable, simply move around the pegs, shelves and rings to arrange. Each board includes 4 pegs, 2 shelves and 1 ring. If you need more to customize your pegboard, each element is available for sale separately
  6. Cholla Wood: The hollow woody skeleton of the cholla cactus. This makes a great accessory in succulent plantings and the perfect mount for air plants. It measures about 1.5-2.0 in diameter and 5- 6 tall. Please note: Plants are not included. Each wood is unique and will vary in color, texture, and size. Product Format
  7. 8. In a Frame. These frames look great in front of a window, on a desk or even mounted on a wall. If you have an air plant collection, this would be a unique way to display them together as your own plant gang! 9. Geometric stands. Geometric planters such as these can be so versatile

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Beautiful Air Plant Holder Ideas to Collect. Diamond Structure in Gold Sustains Air Plant. Re-purpose a toy into a planter. Wire and a Rock. Nestle Plants in a Precious Setting. Sculpt a piece of art. flexible height in simple design. Wood in different states. whisks in the right color An air plant that has been glued to a display can be a little tricky, but i'ts definitely possible. Rather than submerging the entire arrangement into a basin of water, use the your faucet. Keeping the wood, or whatever the air plant is glued to, out of the water, hold the air plant under a light flow of tepid water Air Plant Terrarium Instructions. Add a base, either sand or gravel to the bottom of the terrarium. Add rocks, stones, wood or other natural items you love. Add air plants to your desired effect. One or two for a more minimal look or as many as you can fit for an urban jungle effect! Done Air Plant City: Shop our most popular Tillandsia air plant collections, displays, and terrariums. Perfect for gifting or home decor. Our selection includes specialty plants, variety packs, glass and ceramic holders, cork bark, cholla, urchins and driftwood containers. 30 day guarantee and fast shipping for all orders

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Air Plant Terrarium, Natural Hanging Display: A simple project that gives any room a modern natural feel. Display your glass globe air plants on a natural branch, featuring how to create your own 10 hanging terrarium from a lamp post globe Try mounting your air plant on a piece of driftwood or coral using hot glue to create a pretty display. Decide where you want to position the air plant on the chosen material, apply a small amount of hot glue to the area, and press the underside of the air plant clump into the glue. Hold the plant in place for 10-15 seconds so the glue can set Create. Your imagination really is the limit for creating air plant displays. When it comes to air plants, the term container really is a bit of a misnomer. Rather than a container, tillandsias require more of a display platform. Go on a treasure hunt around your home discovering air plant 'containers' you never knew you had

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  1. Place wood glue on the bottom of the piece with the hole in it. Spread a thin layer over the whole piece. Place it on top of the other piece. Make sure the edges line up and clamp it together. Let the glue fully dry. Remove the clamps. Sand the air plant holders to remove any glue squeeze out and smooth the surface
  2. Air Plant Display Substrates; Air Plant Glass Accessories; Air Plant Ceramic & Porcelain Accessories; Air Plant Metal Bases; Gift Cards; Air Plant Care; Finished Pre Build Air Plant Terrariums. Air Plant Display Wood Bases; Material; Blogs; Who We Are; shipping; Contact Us. FAQs; Login / Register ; 0 Wishlist . 0 items / $ 0.00. Menu
  3. Air Plant Frame Display. Air Plant, Air Plant, on the wall; Could you please stay with us from winter till fall. Air Plants have been a huge help in keeping the green alive all year round. To respect their hard work how about you mount an air plant on your wall as a trophy with this simple to follow Air plant Frame tutorial. The frame consists.
  4. Below are some of the ways you can display air plants. 1. Table-Top Terrariums. A terrarium is similar to an aquarium, but instead of housing fish, it has plants and small animals. Air plants are an excellent addition to your glass tabletop terrarium
  5. This cool air plant display idea is one of the easiest DIY projects you can do! First, tie leather cording to each end of the grapevine branch. Screw large cup hooks into the ceiling at a distance apart from each other the same as the distance between the hanging cords. Then figure out how high or low you want each end to hang, and tie the ends.

Dark Brown 1.5 - $3.95 USD Dark Brown 2 - $4.95 USD Lite Brown 1.5 - $3.95 USD Lite Brown 2 - $4.95 USD Lite Gray 1.5 - $3.95 USD Lite Gray 2 - $4.95 USDQuantityAdd to CartAdd to Cart. These stands come with the plant in the photos. We offer 3 color, and 2 different sizes Air plants may flower, but they bloom just once in their lifetime and then die. Get new air plants by harvesting their pups, the name for baby air plants. Just before an air plant blooms, it will reproduce by sending out pups from its base. Pull the pup from the mother plant when the baby is 1/3 to 1/2 the size of the parent plant The trick is to make certain the plant is extremely secure, although it is light, otherwise the roots won't firmly attach. When it has to do with indoor plants the coffee plant is among the most intriguing varieties to grow. Popular air plant display ideas for home 01. Popular air plant display ideas for home 02

Air Plants are beautiful and unusual plants that require no soil in which to grow. They look fantastic in our Terrarium Kits and are very easy to care for. All orders are carefully packaged and plants are hand picked just for you. We even include some simple to follow care instructions Air Plant Display DIY Instructions: If you are using a wooden crate or pallet, this method is nice because it completely hides all the wiring. Simply create a wire grid like previously mentioned, but instead of wrapping the wire around the frame, wrap it snuggly around a thumbtack and stick it in place inside the edge of the crate.. Flexzion Air Plant Wooden Frame Wall Hanging Airplant Holder Wire Grid Display Stand Hanger Wood Vintage Planter Shelf Home Decor for Office House Patio Garden Balcony Succulent Flower 16-Inch 4.7 out of 5 stars If you get an air plant that is glued to a display or is inside a holder of some sort, don't worry. Most of the time, your air plant will come out naturally. To water your air plant in such a display, make sure to mist as many leaves as possible. Don't let any water drip down and collect at the base Love Tillys are the UK's largest supplier of Air Plants (Tillandsia) and we pride ourselves on the quality and range that we offer - direct from our nursery (visitors are welcome!) Air Plants on Natural Wood - Ready Made. Add to basket. Barnacle Arrangement - (Ready Made) & Air Plant Fertiliser. Add to basket. Mopani Wood Air Plant Kit

Air plant Decor have the finest quality plants you can buy online. Have used other sellers however these people really care about their plants and provide excellent customer service. I have a whole curtain of beautiful diverse forms , so many to choose from on their website and something for everyones price range How to care for air plants. 1. Before displaying it. After purchasing your new air plant, you need to give it its first watering - you can dunk your plant in water or mist with rainwater, Andrew Gavin from Andy's Air Plants, exhibiting at RHS Flower Show Tatton Park (18 - 22 July 2018), said. 2 Product Title SmileMart 4-Tier 6-Shelf Wooden Flower and Plant Display Stand for Indoors or Outdoors, Brown Average Rating: ( 4.3 ) out of 5 stars 29 ratings , based on 29 reviews Current Price $45.99 $ 45 . 9

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Decorate and display your plants in a convenient and space-saving way with the wooden multi-tiered plant stand. Built from solid fir wood, it features three levels of shelving, slatted bottoms for proper drainage, and even folds together for quick and easy storage when not in use, looking great inside or outside of the home Air Plants. Tillandsias, commonly referred to as air plants, are unique plants that can thrive without soil or a root structure. Use a natural wooden display frame for air plants to make modern living wall art... Price. $19.95 . Tilly Tacker Tilly tacker is an adhesive that can be used to attach Tillandsias or air plants to a variety of.

Grape Wood: This wood cut from Grapevines makes a great accessory in succulent plantings and the perfect mount for air plants. It measures about 2.0 in diameter and 16.0 tall. Please note: Plants are not included, and color may vary. Product Format. Accessory. Container Width. 2.0. Container Length. 16.0 The outstanding characteristics of wood and solid structure make this shelf durable and strong enough for your daily use. Built in a stable structure with a total of 6 platforms in 4 tiers, this plant stand provides ample space to display utmost 12 pots of plants of different heights and shapes. This plant stand comes with four universal wheels. Rustic Brown Air Plant Hanging Holder Rustic Wood Décor Unique Wooden Display for Large Air Plants 2 Wall Plant Hangers. This sports bag has a multi-function. in order to transfer their abstract beauty into concrete existence, Chanwazibibiliu Lovely Colored Cat Mens Colorful Dress Socks Funky - Men Multicolored Pattern Fashionable Fun Crew Cotton Socks: Clothing, You Can Use Them To Store.

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  1. Cholla Wood Hardwood Pots 2.8'' x 1.5''. Cholla wood is the remnant of a cholla cactus after it dies and can be used as a beautiful natural display for Tillandsias. Cholla cactus wood is made up of a lot of holes and is hollow in the middle, which is perfect for mounting numerous air plants
  2. Egg Shell Planter for Air Plants . Gorgeous Hanging Branch Wall Display DIY - Source Unknown . Woven Currents Macrame Planter for Air Plants . Hanging Planters that are Wedding Perfect from Style Me Pretty . Air Plant Wedding Favor Gifts from Style Me Pretty . Easy DIY Wood Air Plant Hanger Source Unknown . Jellyfish Underwater Air Plant.
  3. Display ideas with neat Tillandsia air plants in shells, driftwood, and glass globe terrariums. Gilded Oyster Shells on Wood Blocks with Air Plants from White Cotton.Pick a color of your choice for the wood blocks, and the trims can be gilded in gold or in silver
  4. And since wood is also known to discharge elegance, combine it with these plants to create small focal points in any of the rooms. Add a touch of whimsy to your decor when displaying your air plants, with this tiny ceramic elephant, which can be easily displayed in any corner. Group more planters in different shapes and sizes to add dynamism.
  5. How do you decorate or display an air plant? They are mostly seen displayed in jars, terrariums, and things like driftwood! Don't put them in soil. This is the fun part. I'll share a few of my own air plant decor ideas with a few others too. In Driftwood; Driftwood and other natural elements like birch wood are a great way to display your.
  6. Air plants placed into an empty, rustic picture frame create a unique decoration and a modern effect. You can place more plants into a large frame or pick more frames and put one plant each, creating a different wall design. 7. Wooden Background. via studio87blog.com. Here is another idea for creating a cool-looking wall with air plant decor.

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On today's list, we've made a nice collection of 20 creative handmade air plant decorations featuring a large amount of ideas about how you can use air plants and a lot of creative planters in order to decorate your home or even your garden or office Since air plants are naturally suited to growing in trees, they can be lashed to a piece of drift wood or the trunk of another plant using translucent fishing monofilament and a bit of sphagnum moss to add extra moisture. Hanging air plants are a popular design element Air Plant Fasciculata Large, tillandsia home decor $ 22.00; Air Plant Fun Pack Mix of 3. Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 12.99; Air Plant Fun Pack Mixes $ 21.85 - $ 140.00; Air Plant Mix $ 8.95 - $ 175.00; Air Plant Streptophelia in bloom limited supply $ 25.00; Air Plant Weird Pack Mix of 3 $ 12.99; Bulbosa $ 2.75; Bulbosa Mix $ 6.50 - $ 115.00. That's what you want to aim for but don't go overboard and pull off living leaves! Step 3 - Positioning the plant (s) Spent a few minutes working out where to place your plants on the mounting material. Try a few different angles and spots to work out what looks the best. Step 4 - Drill a hole in the backing material 3. Hang Air Plants from the Bathroom Ceiling. In addition, you can easily hang them from the ceiling, a shelf or a shower rod because they are small and lightweight. Use clear fishing line to create a floating look. Alternatively, you can use hanging air plant holders. You will typically see them in groupings of 3 or 5 or more due to the.

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We've accidentally killed many plants with neglect or over-watering, but our air plants have been alive and kicking for three years. They're almost impossible to mess up: just give them a quick soak in a bowl of water once a week and leave them alone the rest of the time. They're also weirdly beautifully and, since they don't require soil, there are countless ways to display them Exotic air plants seemingly thrive on oxygen alone, so they can be tucked into all kinds of cool containers. Show off your scrolling skills by making custom wooden holders for these popular plants. Because large pieces of wood won't fit in a scroll saw, I cut four smaller pieces and glue them together into one large piece If you like minimalism, then this idea might be good for you! Allocate a specialized section on your home wall to make this astounding display of air plant. There's absolutely no wood working effort required. The air plants are merely attached to the wooden dowel with a wire. Suade lace is used to secure the dowel onto the wall. Source. 9

Love air plants, but don't know how to display them? Style your air plants like a pro with these creative air plant display ideas. Air plants, also known as Tillandsia, are one of the most popular indoor plant species because it's easy to care of and its display versatility. Yes, that's right. You don't have to put th Display them on a table or windowsill, or attach them to the wall with a screw. Buy It: The Sill, $36. Dried Star Pod. Air plants don't need soil or water, but they definitely need this natural dried star pod to call home. Buy It: Terrain, $34-$48. Wall Art Lets make a living decor using air plants to decorate your living room. These 23 air plants display ideas will help you to decorate your home using these unique plants. Tillandsias, also known as air plants, are plants which doesn't need any soil for its growth. Leaves of air plants absorb nutrients from air and water for its growth a patina terrarium used for displaying house plants. dark stained wooden beam bench as a plant stand. indoor shelf with several tiers will hang more planters. light wood ladder as a plant stand. lucite window shelves don't prevent light from coming into the space. mini garden with several layers Fasten multiple different air plants onto the wood and also add some seashells and moss for added decoration. Here are some other creative ideas for air plant wall mounts: Fasten a number of air plants directly to the wall using nails or staples

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Bright, indirect light is perfect for Tillandsia, but if you up the humidity, as happens in a steamy bathroom, they can handle even brighter light.Always optimize for light—so if your bathroom is dark, keep your air plants in a brighter spot. Here, a sparse bathroom gets a dramatic upgrade with a wire frame stuffed with Tillandsia.Fabricate your own grid out of wire mesh, or buy the. Mounting: Airplants can be mounted on a variety of wood, rocks or logs using silicone sealant. Apply a small dab of the silicone on the branch where you would like to mount the plant then seat the plant into the silicone being sure to make firm contact. A small dab of hot glue can also be used to help hold the plant in place while the silicone. Amazing Hanging Air Plants Decor Ideas 22. Amazing Hanging Air Plants Decor Ideas 23. Amazing Hanging Air Plants Decor Ideas 24. On a last note, in the event the plants are soaked, you can place water in a container with a lid to stop evaporation. The leaves have a distinctive feature that makes them different from a typical green leaf Wire is a great material to use to show off your air plants. [Photo: Homedit] 8. A simple wire grid from the home improvement store is a super easy and stylish display idea. [Photo: The Horticult] 9. Fishing twine will make your air plants appear to be floating in mid air Our most impressive Grapevine Wood arrangement. All large arrangements contain a variety at least 8 healthy, beautiful plants and is arranged on 75+ year old grapevine wood. Each piece is unique and lovingly created. You may choose all natural plants or some tint added to a few of the plants for additional color. Additional color options are red or purple (see photo with red and purple)

Air plants do, in fact, need water and a decent amount of care. (or however you like to display your air plants). Wood Air Plant Magnets. etsy.com. $36.49 BUY NOW. Hanging Terrarium Bulbs. Parts of the plants will float up above the water—this is okay, just make sure that the majority of each air plant is submerged in the water. Leave them in the bath for one hour. Remove each plant, hold facing upside down, and shake well to get rid of any excess water that may be pooling at the base of the inner leaves

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Bonsai practitioners apply lime sulfur to bleach the wood. Air plants, also called epiphytes, live on nutrients and water dripping from the trees that host them. Ways to Display Air Plants DIY Air Plant String Art- Tutorial With Step By Step Photos. By: Crystal / Updated on: August 8, 2019 / Post may contain affiliate links disclosure policy This post and photos may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.If you purchase something through any link, Hello Creative Family may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you Three Tier Plant Stand. The first two plant stands we showed you were kind of big and had a lot of display space. If you're looking for a smaller, more streamlined plant stand, this is the one for you!. It has an uncomplicated, minimalist design with three shelves that you can use to house your plants. It's perfect for smaller plant collections and can be kept indoors or outdoors because. 4. Plants get hungry, too. For lush-looking plants that earn you bragging rights (such as being known as the air plant whisperer, for example), feed your plants once a month by adding fertilizer to the water mix. Use a bromeliad mix (air plants are in the bromeliad family), and don't overdo it—plants can burn from too much fertilizer. Air plants can be attached to seashells, driftwood, cork, canvas, craft wood and many other surfaces with almost any glue, including low temperature hot glue sticks. However, Elmer's glue is water soluble and won't hold up after too many waterings

2pcs Air Plant Holder Hollow Iron Tillandsia Holder Desktop Decoration Ornament. Brand New. C $9.75 to C $13.95. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Was: Previous Price. C $14.83 6% off. From China Galvanized pails are very popular in farmhouse style. Stenciled wood is also a feature of farmhouse style. Some of the containers are unexpected, including the little glass globes with air plants inside. A reclaimed ladder hanging over a bathtub makes a memorable plant display Decorating with Air Plants. Air plants, aka tillandsias, are perfect for craft projects, small-space living, and finally giving brown-thumb gardeners some bragging rights. Tuck them into shells and driftwood crevices, glass baubles and wire baskets, or superglue their roots to stones or wood These 2 unique hanging wood holders are a unique way to display air plants. Bring a modern design to your wall or window decoration. With these EASY TO HANG on the wall planters, all you need is a simple nail. Now's your chance to curate your living room plant decor with a stunning centrepiece that can elevate the ambiance and atmosphere of.

If you are looking for plant stand ideas, this is an outdoor, wooden plant stand that is suitable for your terrace or porch. This DIY plant stand has three levels of space. Each space can fit three medium-size houseplants or at least six beautiful small size plants. The stand is made of wood which can handle weather condition. 14 Product Title 4-Tier 9-Shelf Rolling Wood Flower and Plant Display Average rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars, based on 28 reviews 28 ratings Current Price $59.99 $ 59 . 99 List Price $109.99 $ 109 . 9

22 Indoor Plant Displays That Won’t Spoil Interiors50 creative ideas to display your air plants in a most5 Unique Ways To Display Air PlantsTillandsia Living Wall by Midnight Blossom Air Plant Wall

For a more artistic and quirky display, drill holes in a wooden plaque using either a random or geometric pattern and simply insert the air plants into the holes. You can also mount an air plant. These clever pineapple hanging planters are nothing more than wooden napkin rings glued to balsa wood discs painted with hatch lines. The napkin rings serve as open vases to hold small air plants. The materials cost less than $10, and the time investment is about 10 minutes. This idea comes from the Always Rooney website, from Courtney Weston Best Plant Stands & Tables. Vintage 5 Tier Stair Step Wood Plant Display Stand. Display your plants beautifully with this 5-tier stair step that can double as a plant display stand. It comes with a vibrant, two-tone finish, all in a slightly distressed look and will accomodate a couple of plants and decorations easily. Plant Stand Air Plant Display Plant Decor Air Plants Indoor Plants Garden Plants Plantas Indoor Decoration Plante Air Plant Terrarium Plant Holders Air Plants on Driftwood: Mounted Tillandsias on Tabletop Garden Tillandsias naturally grow on trees in humid, tropical climates, so it makes sense they would look lovely attached to a lovely piece of driftwood Mopani Wood Air Plant Kit. Rated 5.00 out of 5. £19.99 including VAT Add to basket