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  1. ars and hands-on training, the Zimmer Biomet Institute continues to transform modern dentistry. Call 1-800-342-5454 or 1-561-776-6700 to Learn. Do. Excel.Â
  2. Eztetic Dental Implants, MTX Surface, Fully Textured With Microgrooves Includes Healing Screw (CCSNP) Catalog Numbers Implant Diameter Implant Platform 8.0 mmL 10 mmL 11.5 mmL 13 mmL 16 mmL 3.1 mmD NP (2.9 mmD) CT318 CT3110 CT3111 CT3113 CT3116 Eztetic Dental Implants, MTX Surface, 0.5 mm Machined Collar With Microgroove
  3. Catalog excerpts. Tapered ® Screw-Vent Implant System Product Catalog. Open the catalog to page 1. How to Order To order, call Zimmer Dental Customer Service between 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. PST, Monday through Friday, or fax your order to 1 (888) 225-2483. Overnight delivery is available, if requested. Overnight delivery orders must be placed.

Zimmer Biomet offers a complete array of shoulder replacement systems and associated products. As well as being optimized for each patient's unique anatomy, all of our shoulder systems address key surgeon needs so that joint reconstruction, range of motion, and kinetics may be restored, helping the patient get back to the activities of daily life Zimmer Holdings, Inc. (NYSE and SWX: ZMH), parent company of Zimmer Dental Inc., is a worldwide leader in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of reconstructive orthopaedic implants, including joint and dental, spinal implants and trauma products, and related orthopaedic surgical products. Founded in 1927 At Zimmer Biomet, we pursue exceptional outcomes. Our innovations help treat patients suffering from disorders of, or injuries to, bones, joints or supporting soft tissues. Alongside some of the world's top healthcare professionals, we help deliver new possibilities to patients

Implant Removal Kit; Surgical Drills. Navigator Drills; Quad Shaping Drills; DrĂ­va Drills; Single Patient Drills; ACT Drills; Other Drills; Drill Units. SI-1015 - Implantmed Surgical Drill System; Implantmed Drill System Accessories; Guided Surgery. Navigator System for Guided Surgery; Navigator Guided System Components; Zimmer Guided Surgery. major contributor to the implant's stability.2 The specifications of the T3 Implant and surgical instrumentation are held to rigorous tolerances to provide a closely integrated implant-to-osteotomy fit, creating a dental implant system designed for primary stability. The seal integrity is provided by a stable, tight implant/abutmen

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  1. Legacy offers a greater range of dimensional options[1] for clinical adaptability. With the corresponding prosthetic portfolio, treat a range of indications: from the everyday posterior single-tooth cases to anterior single-tooth, implant-retained removable denture, and fixed, full-arch cases. In a recent study, Legacy implants have demonstrated excellent clinical success
  2. Preat Dental Implant Attachments and Implant Abutments. Chairside Blockout Material Cellulose-based block-out material specifically for attachment and implant procedures Perma Block Buy 1 Get 1 Free for a limited time A MUST HAVE! Learn More by Preat More Choices... More Possibilities
  3. More or faster loss of bone tissue. And even death. In 1973, Zimmer Holdings, Inc. introduced the first metal and plastic knee replacement device. Since 1995, more than 1.45 million knee systems have been implanted in patients in the United States. In 2009 alone, domestic sales aone totaled more than a billion dollars
  4. Dental Implants Having restored hundreds of thousands of dental implant cases, Glidewell Laboratories has expansive insight into the benefits and challenges presented by this exciting form of treatment. Through its California-based subsidiary, Prismatik Dentalcraft, Inc., Glidewell is also an ISO-certified manufacture
  5. Zimmer's solution was the use of a cobalt-chromium alloy and porous fiber to fuse the implant to the existing bone. Typical knee replacements have a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years, but according to a non-peer reviewed report presented by former Zimmer consultant Dr. Berger to the American Association of Orthopedic Surgeon- the CR-Flex.
  6. Zimmer Biomet Dental's Spline color-coding system is located on the Spline surgical kit tray, certain Spline prosthetics and the product packaging. It provides simplicity at a glance by indicating the diameter compatibility of the product, based on Spline Implant Syste

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  1. The Zimmer Durom Cup hip implant was approved in 2006 and within a year problems began to appear. In 2007, a surgeon who had previously been a consultant to the Zimmer company reported failure with the device, causing the requirement that patients have corrective surgery
  2. The birth of smart knee implants. Zimmer Biomet this year plans to launch the Persona-IQ, a next-gen version of its successful, personalized Persona Revision knee implants that will incorporate the CHIRP sensor. The Persona-IQ received breakthrough device designation from the FDA in October 2019
  3. IMPLANT TORQUE SPECIFICATION GUIDE CONT. Manufacturer Implant Torque (Ncm) Torque Settings Driver & Head Brånemark System™ WP 5.0, 5.5 35 Ncm Nobel Biocare® Unigrip Southern Implant External 32 Ncm 0.048 (1.22mm) Hex Tri Nex 32 Ncm Unigrip Octa 32 Ncm Star/Torx Straumann® Bone Level 3.3 NC (Narrow CrossFit™) 35 Ncm SCS Screwdrive

Zimmer Biomet Dental implants are technologically advanced and exceptionally versatile. With arrange of implant types suited to unique patient needs, greater stability and treatment precision can be achieved. With these implants, less time is spent in the dentist's chair, which substantially reduces the cost and time investment associated. this is a zimmer clone as well as MIS seven - same platforms 3.5/4.5. where these company differ is with the 3.3d/ 3.0 platform implants which are proprietary. in other words for the Adin implant you can use Zimmer, BioHorizons, AB, Implant Direct Legacy and other 3.5 platform components and will be compatible as well as the screw and the 050. Zimmer offers many anatomically designed components for the knee. For example, our tibials/patella components, semiconstrained total knee prosthesis and knee implant systems for patients with severe bone loss The zimmer dental implant parts are right up there with the very best of new dental technology. One of many newer varieties of screws used in dentistry this usually is a screw that's tapered and might be used as a possible implant in multiple situations. With this particular zimmer dental implant parts the sort of implant it is easier to suit dentist to use

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4.7mm (4.5mm Platform) Screw-Vent Zimmer implants; 4.7mm (4.5mm Platform) Screw-Vent Zimmer implants . Pages 1 Of 1. Select A Product Type: Display: Sort By: Screws Quick View P655 $10.00. Zimmer.050 Hex 30 Ncm; View. Titanium Abutments Quick View R505 $33.00. Zimmer; 1mm Collar; 5.5mm Profile; TiteFit; View. Titanium Abutments Quick View R510. Zimmer Dental proudly offers the most widespread range of dental implant products and is a leading brand in the development of superior quality of implantology products. Products by Zimmer are sold in more than hundred countries all over the globe and have a list of 8000 proud employees working under it Tapered Screw-Vent (TSV) is a standard dental implant produced by Zimmer-Biomet. Its connection is internal, with a hexagon shape. Its head is straight. Its body is tapered with v shaped threads. Its apex has a dome shape,has a hole of oblong shape, and doesn't have grooves. It is available in 4 different diameters and 6 different lengths Contemporary Hybrid Implant Design Primary Stability6,7,8 Initial Bone-to-Implant Contact is a major contributor to the implant's stability.9 The specifications of the T3 Implant are held to rigorous tolerances to provide a closely integrated implant-to-osteotomy fit, creating a dental implant system that helps to achieve primary stability. . Osseointegration10,11 In preclinical studies. Zimmer® IMPRESSION COPINGS Implants are pre packaged with a multi purpose fixture mount (Fig.1), this fixture mount may be utilized as a indirect impression coping. The fixture mount/impression copings are fabricated with a emergence profile 1mm larger than the platform diameter of the implant

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The Zimmer Biomet Shoulder implant is an anatomical medical device that simulates the humerus bone and socket of the shoulder, originally created to help restore an individual's arm movement. After it's surgically implanted, the tool reverses the normal anatomy of the shoulder, as the ball is placed on the shoulder blade and socket of the. Zimmer dental implants come in several varieties. From differences in size, shape and color to various threads and balls, the types of dental implants available from the Company are innumerable. You may have your own personal preferences; however, it is a good idea to allow your dentist to explain which ones will compliment your smile Biomet was a successful Indiana medical device company that was snapped up by Zimmer in 2014 for $13.4 billion. This new team, Zimmer Biomet, became the #2 producer of orthopedic implants in the country, only following DePuy Orthopaedics.As of 2016 they controlled 31% of the market and made $1.8 billion off their hip surgery implants that year MIS® implant compatible Zimmer® - Edison Medical™. Clicq™ Multi Unit - Professional Kit Zimmer® 3.5 - Internal Hex RP (88 Parts) $2,450.00. Straight Pop-Clicq™ Attachment Set Zimmer® 3.5 | Internal Hex RP. as low as $71.00. Straight Pop-Clicq™ Overdenture Attachment Kit Fitting Zimmer® 4.5 | Internal Hex WP. as low as $71.00 Dental Implant Procedure - Two Stagehttp://www.1888implant.comIn a 2 stage dental implant placement situation the dental implant is placed and a cover screw.

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  1. Zimmer Persona implants are manufactured by Zimmer Inc. (now Zimmer Biomet). Zimmer Inc., based in Warsaw, Ind., was founded more than 80 years ago and is now one of the largest orthopedic device companies in the world
  2. LOCATOR Zimmer Omniloc Abutment. Made and manufactured in the USA, the LOCATOR Removable Attachment System is the most globally recognized and trusted brand for overdenture restorations. The combination of innovative, easy to use, reliable technology with availability in more than 280 implant connections has propelled it to be the preferred.
  3. um splints. The firm is headquartered in Warsaw, Indiana, where it is part of the medical devices business cluster.. In 2001, Zimmer was spun off from Bristol-Myers Squibb and began trading on the New York Stock Exchange, on August 7, under the ticker symbol ZMH

Zimmer hip replacement lawsuits allege the Durom Cup failed prematurely, causing serious complications. In 2008, the FDA posted a temporary Zimmer hip replacement recall notice. Zimmer offered a $314 million settlement to resolve remaining Durom Cup lawsuits in 2016. New hip lawsuits involve M/L Taper Hip implants used with the Versys Femoral Head Zimmer offers surgeons a world class total elbow arthroplasty system. Backed by more than 30 years of clinical history, Coonrad/Morrey Total Elbow is the elbow replacement system of choice. Designed for primary and revision intervention as well as post-traumatic and rheumatoid arthritis, this elbow implant provides comprehensive patient. Buying from Titan Implants is convenient, easy, and cost-effective. - Dr. Michael Sicklick, Teaneck - NJ. I have been purchasing and using implants and implant parts from Titan Implants in Bergenfield, New Jersey since March 2003. I have found their version of the 3i Osseotite implant, with the RBM surface, to be very successful

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* Biomet 3i™ Certain® screws are gold plated only. Keystone Genesis and Prima™ abutment screws are made of titanium and have a titanium nitride coating. made of titanium and have a titanium nitride coating Zimmer Implants Zimmer Biomet Dental provides a popular brand of implants to restore comfort and dental functionality for patients with missing teeth. Traditionally, bridges and crowns would fill the gaps left by absent teeth, but Zimmer Biomet Dental implants are preferable for a number of reasons BioHorizons Canada 21 Amber Street, Unit #6 Markham, Ontario L3R 4Z3 Canada tel: 866.468.8338 fax: 905.944.1894 send an emai 5. Zimmer Biomet. Zimmer Biomet is the fifth strong player in the dental implant market. In 2015, it was born as a result of a merger between two US-based medical device companies, Zimmer Inc. and Biomet Inc. As of 2020, the company's dental implant market share was approximately 8% Zimmer, the largest knee implant manufacturer in the world, has issued a recall of 11,658 Persona® Trabecular MetalTM Tibial Plate knee implants, causing the F.D.A. to issue a warning that their implants can loosen early and cause complications

That's a whole lotta implants! Different Styles. Zimmer Persona Knee — An updated total knee design, based on the patella-femoral designs from Zimmer that have decades of clinical history. Gender Solutions Natural-Knee Flex — Different design for men and women, allowing for PCL-retaining and PCL-sacrificing solutions The Tapered Internal family of dental implants provides excellent primary stability, maximum bone maintenance and soft tissue attachment for predictable results. All implant diameters from 3.0 to 5.8 can be placed with the same instrument kit providing you surgical convenience and flexibility to choose the ideal implants for each patient's needs Zimmer Biomet has issued at least 355 knee replacement-related recalls since 2003. One of the most recent was in 2017 for more than 28,000 joint components. Inspections found elevated endotoxin levels on the parts. Zimmer Biomet is the largest knee-implant maker in the world

The Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Recall affects implants distributed between October 2008 and September 2015, which could have been used in implants up to the date of the recall. Anyone who underwent shoulder replacement or implant surgery from 2008 through December of 2016 and received a Zimmer Biomet implant should learn if their device is included Implants. Dental implant technology is a growing area of interest. It's estimated the need for dental implants will grow by 500,000 each year, which is why our experienced research and development team continues to produce safe, state-of-the-art dental implant technology

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Zimmer Biomet BellaTek Abutment for Zimmer TSV Implant Systems, Zirconia (P-ZFXTSVZ) Rev A - Dec 2016 Cleaning and Sterilization Instructions For Use For Biomet 3i Kits and Instruments (P-ZBDINSTRP) Rev. C - Nov 201 Zimmer Dental Implant. November 29, 2014 ·. Dental implant nedir? Dental implantlar geleneksel kaplama, köprü ve damak protezlerine göre daha güvenli, medikal olarak kendini ispatlamış ve estetik bir alternatiftir; çünkü implant restorasyonları hem görünüş hem de hissedilme açısından doğal dişlere daha çok benzer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Zimmer Implant Analog 4.5, pack of 5 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Search for Dental Implant Price. We Understand What You Ask, Know Deeply What You Want, And Provide Exactly What You Need TITAN PARTS COMPATIBLE WITH ZIMMER DENTAL® SYSTEMS Phone: 1-201-439-0470 2 www.titanimplants.com TABLE OF CONTENTS DESCRIPTION PAGE # Introduction Letter to Doctor 3 Implant Chart 4 Comparison of Zimmer & Titan Implant 5 Comparison Table of Zimmer, Implant Direct, and Titan 6 Implant Driver Pictures 7-8 Latch Top and Fixture Mount Drivers 9-10 Note: All pictures are not sized to scale

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Zimmer One-Piece Implants, Straight, with MTX Surface Zimmer's proprietary MTX Surface Pre-contoured abutment Multi-lead threads Tapered implant body To learn more aboutZimmer One-Piece Implants, please visit us online at www.zimmerdental.com, or to speak to a sales representative, call 800 854 7019. Zimmer One-Piece Implants, 17°, with MTX. Zimmer specializes in dental implant products. These include the screws or bolts that hold the implants in, as well as pilot drills and apparatus to use for the implants. The tapered screw vent is one of its patented products, and it is one of the most sought after tools of the trade for dental professionals trying to install dental implants Spline Reliance (Calcitek) is a standard dental implant produced by Zimmer. Its connection is external, with a custom shape. Its head is straight. Its body is straight and doesn't have threads. Its apex has a dome shape,has a hole of round shape, and doesn't have grooves. It is available in 3 different diameters and 5 different lengths

Zimmer Biomet Institutes around the world host courses that range from basic restorative programs for clinicians who restore fewer than five implant cases each year to advanced cadaveric workshops designed for clinicians who are actively placing and restoring implants. There are also courses developed specifically for laboratory professionals Overview of the most common implants for total hip and total knee arthroplasty. Discuss types of designs and the brand names from major device companies such as DePuy, Smith and Nephew, Stryker, Zimmer-Biomet. Also include pictures of each of these implants Zimmer Biomet Team Members share the singular purpose of working to restore mobility and improve the quality of life for patients around the world. With operations around the world, we're looking for Team Members who would like to make a difference in people's lives. We hire talented and highly motivated people with a range of skills. A Leading Dental Implant Company Through our Hiossen Implant education programs, which leading dental organizations recognize, we've provided more than 100,000 dentists with advanced and basic training from world-class implantologists at nearby state-of-the-art facilities.Our rigorous, five-step quality control process provides you with the assurance that our products are manufactured under. The Straumann® Dental Implant System was designed on the basis of simplicity and freedom of choice. One system with one kit can be used for all indications and a unique portfolio of different materials and surfaces, including groundbreaking technologies such as Roxolid® and SLActive®. Straumann® BLX Implant System. Innovation Meets Immediacy

Southern Implants has been a pioneer in the top-end specialist sector of the dental implant market since 1987, servicing maxillofacial and craniofacial surgeons, prosthodontists, periodontists and general dental practitioners alike. The goal is to achieve clinical predictability combined with successful aesthetic outcomes 232. Feb 22, 2015. #1. I just noticed that Zimmer has now made their implant library available to 3shape users. This is the module that is offered with their new ZFX Evolution scanner. Has anyone purchased this for their 3shape? I am also interested in anyone's experiences with Zimmer's milling facility in Carlsbad Ca Zimmer Biomet Announces Quarterly Dividend for Second Quarter of 2021. View All News Events. Aug 03, 2021. Zimmer Biomet 2nd Quarter 2021 Financial Results. View All Events & Presentations Quarterly Results. First Quarter 2021. Zimmer Biomet Announces First Quarter 2021 Financial Results. Zimmer Biomet is a formidable force in the orthopedic device market. Here are 15 things to know about the musculoskeletal healthcare magnate. 1. Justin O. Zimmer established Zimmer in 1927 to develop aluminum splints and other orthopedic equipment. In its first year, the company had sales of $160,000

Welcome to Straumann - The world-leading brand for confidence in esthetic dentistry. Straumann® stands for premium Swiss quality, precision and innovation delivering confidence in dentistry, backed by the largest global scientific network The AFX Femoral Fixation Device is an all PEEK implant for ACL repair that features an open eyelet design for simple graft loading. Simple, reproducible, and quick technique. Rigid mechanical fixation provides a strong, stable, and tight reconstruction. 360 degree intra-tunnel active fixation. Circumferential graft compression at aperture. Compatible dental Implant components for all systems and platforms,s like Zimmer, Nobel Biocare, Straumann , Megagen, Dentium, hiossen Zimmer's Persona Tibia includes peg components that are intended to make the bone grow into the bone by stabilizing the knee implant. It is attached to the patient's tibia. Zimmer suggests that the Persona knee allows for intuitive alignment accuracy, facilitates natural knee motion, reduces the need for surgical compromises and. LOCATOR R-Tx Zimmer Certain Abutment. As low as $135.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. LOCATOR R-Tx Zimmer External Hex Abutment. As low as $185.99. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. LOCATOR R-Tx Zimmer Tapered Screw Vent Internal Hex Abutment

Zimmer Dental Implant Torque. torque, the abutment hex frictionally engages the walls of the implant's Proudly offering one of the most comprehensive dental implant product lines available, Zimmer Dental Implant Torque. The Prosthetic Kit tray is designed to store hex drivers, torque wrench inserts and the tools you need to restore any implant. The TMJ implant may take many different forms. Some implants are intended to replace only a part of the joint, such as the temporomandibular joint disc or the glenoid fossa, and other implants are. The single-stage Tapered SwissPlus implant simplifies and accelerates the implant process to save valuable chairtime, increase productivity and maximize profits. Zimmer Dental is committed to providing innovative surgical products that meet your needs and earn your trust. Get a quote > Zimmer Dental Implants. Zimmer Holdings, Inc. is parent company of Zimmer Dental Inc., is the worldwide pure-play leader in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of reconstructive orthopaedic implants. Founded in 1927, Zimmer is headquartered in Warsaw, USA with its dental counterpart, Zimmer Dental headquarted in San Diego, USA. Welcome to MIS Implants Please choose your language/region: USA Global. Español Français Deutsche Türkçe Français Deutsche Türkç

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You can use any length of drill here but they recommend the 19mm. Your next twist drill size is the 3.4/2.8 with the 3.4 B key that fits into your guide. You just follow the protocol down the list until you get to the 4.4 x 3.8 drill in the 4.4 B key. You won't place the implant through the guide with Zimmer's system as it isn't fully guided Zimmer Dental is a renowned producer of implants and prosthetics in the dental industry for its innovation in medical practices, especially in minimal aggressive surgical procedures. This popular brand of dental implant products is one of the brands used by our dentists in Bucharest. Inserting dental implants is a complex procedure Zimmer Biomet Biomet was acquired by Zimmer in 2015 and is now Zimmer Biomet, an American orthopedic implant manufacturer. This multifaceted medical device company has headquarters in Indiana but also several ongoing operations in over 25 major countries including Australia, Canada, and the Netherlands Zimmer Persona Knee Implant Recall Lawsuits. In March 2015, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Zimmer was recalling components of the Persona knee implant. According to the company, the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate is loosening at a more frequent rate than expected. The plate is the portion of the implant that sits. Learn More About Filing A Zimmer NexGen Knee Implant Lawsuit. If you or a loved one suffered complications, including pain, disability and need for revision surgery, because of a defective NexGen Knee Implant component, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against Zimmer Inc

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Sigma Implants Ltd is a German Manufacturer of premium quality dental implants and related products. A wide range of dental implants, abutments and instruments perfectly matched to any clinical cases. Free shipping to over 100 countries worldwide is available. Enjoy shopping with sigma-implants.com Zimmer Prosthetics, in addition to multiple manufacturers of false teeth, allow the shopper to check online to enjoy information perfectly as pictures no matter screws that are being some adjusting stay in the false tooth versus within the jaw. Tags: bone graft for dental implant, Dental care, Dental floss, dental implant AZ, dental implant.

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A Zimmer knee replacement recall has not yet been issued. However, new research regarding Zimmer knee implant failure of the NexGen CR-Flex was presented at a March 2010 conference among orthopedic surgeons. According to new reports, the Zimmer NexGen CR-Flex knee replacements can fail at an unexpectedly high rate within a few years of surgery Zimmer dental implants provide a comprehensive assortment of dental implant products for all clinical situations, from simple single dental implant treatment to complex multi dental implants for a full mouth reconstruction. Also their complimentary tissue regenerative dental products such as bone and membrane insures the highest level of. Zimmer Implants. Zimmer Biomet Dental provides a popular brand of implants to restore comfort and dental functionality for patients with missing teeth. Traditionally, bridges and crowns would fill the gaps left by absent teeth, but Zimmer Biomet Dental implants are preferable for a number of reasons. Zimmer Biomet Dental implants come in a.

MULTI UNIT SGS DENTAL IMPLANTS LEARN MORE The low profile cone with the closed thread offers a stronger, more solid base. OUR BEST SELLER P7D -Dental Implant LEARN MORE LIFETIME WARRANTY SGS DENTAL IMPLANTS LEARN MORE SGS Dental takes responsibility for all of its implants and gives life-time warranty when used in accordance with the supplied. Legal Assistance: For more information regarding Zimmer Knee Implant lawsuits contact our law offices toll free (888) 649-7166. All consultations with our attorneys regarding your case are free of charge. Over $350 Million Recovered for Our Clients. Learn More. YOU Deserve the Best Free Case Review 24/ According to Zimmer's advertising materials, the Zimmer Persona Knee was designed to minimize the compromises experienced with yesterday's standard knee systems. The system allows surgeons to personalize the implant to the unique needs of the patient, with a goal of coming as close as possible to the way a real human joint works

Add to Cart. Implant Driver BrĂĄnemark System RP 34 mm Article number: 29131. Add to Compare. Add to Cart. Implant Driver Wrench Adapter BrĂĄnemark System RP 12 mm Article number: 29132. Add to Compare. Add to Cart. Implant Driver Wrench Adapter BrĂĄnemark System RP 21 mm Article number: 29133. Add to Compare Zimmer partnered with medical device company Canary Medical to develop a smart knee implant, which they plan to launch in 2021. The implant will measure a patient's gait and also information like the range of motion, Zimmer's Teplitsky said. The implants will also give insight over a much longer time than traditional post-operative analysis Zimmer Biomet was the fourth-leading competitor in the U.S. spinal implant market in 2020, with approximately a 9% share. Zimmer Biomet has a well-established line of traditional fusion devices, and their main product portfolio is offered in the cervical fixation, thoracolumbar fixation, and inter-body device markets Everything For Your Implant Practice But The Implants. Purchase online Surgical Instruments, Bone Grafting Materials, Criticare Vital Sign Monitors, Defibrillators, PRP Centrifuges, Fixation Screw Kits, Bone Tack Kits, Implant Motors and Handpieces, Headlamps, Infection Control Products, Dental Implant Models, Dental Restorative Products, Crown Remover Zimmer Biomet Dental Implant Healing Collar 4.5 x 5.5 x 3 (height) PURPLE. C $35.08. or Best Offer. +C $16.52 shipping. Ended (Tomorrow, 12:24) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided

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