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Remote control for Samsung Blu-ray player is used to control the Blu-ray content to the point where you prefer to stop or fast forward and so on. Without the remote control, you can still achieve your purpose by trying the following methods. Method 1. Use the physical button on the Samsung Blu-ray Player If you don't have a DVD or Blu-ray player remote, you can often still use the device even without a replacement. See if the device can be controlled with a smart phone app or using a universal remote control. You might also be able to use buttons on the player to control it with no remote Most Blu-ray players have two buttons: Eject and Play. Once you've waited forever to get to the initial menu, the Play button will usually start the movie. Without the remote, that's the best functionality you will get Step 2: Find the Code List that came with the remote. Find your device and brand in the Code list - Circle the codes for your brand and keep them handy: The Samsung DVD player codes are handy. Check. Step 3: Press and hold the device key (VCR key on the remote) - hold that key down and use other hand to enter the first five-digit code for. I just bought a used Samsung DVD/VCR recorder for the sole purpose of copying my old VHS tapes to DVD. I knew it didn't come with a remote but figured that wouldn't be a problem because all I wanted to do was a straight VHS to DVD copy. I downloaded the online manual and it seemed to indicate that the copying function could be done either with.

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Plug the DVD player's power cord into the wall. Look along the backside of your DVD player to find a plug labeled AC in. Take 1 end of the power cord and plug it into this cord. Once you've done this, plug the opposite, pronged end of the power cord into a wall socket or power strip How can i finalize a dvd without remote, I record a dvd but I don't have the my remote for the dvd player to - Answered by a verified Electronics Technician. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. I own a Samsung Model DVD-VCR375. I have recorded many DVDs on this recorder What are all those buttons with the ALIEN SYMBOLS on them? This video explains what those buttons do on a DVD and BLU-RAY player. Much easier to understand..

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  1. Connect the cable to the back of the TV. Depending on the type of cable you are using to connect your DVD player, connect it to the proper port on the back of the Samsung TV. HDMI cables plug into the port labeled HDMI. Component and composite cables will connect to the color-coded ports on the back of the TV
  2. Select Reset to Factory Default Settings and press Enter. how to set up your Samsung Galaxy s4 asa remote control to the DVD player or ablu-ray player now what you need to dois to download the latest software sothat you can use the sensor on the phonethe remote sensor is a
  3. A helpful tutorial from Quality Electronics Service in Southern Oregon on operating a Samsung remote control
  4. STEP BY STEP - USE SAMSUNG TV REMOTE TO CONTROL A DVD PLAYER. 1 - Turn your DVD player off.. 2 - Press the Mode button on your remote to switch the remote to DVD mode. (your remote may have a row of component buttons at the top labeled DVD. If that is the case, press the button of the device you want to program
  5. How to use sylvania dvd player without remote You can easily turn your smartphone into a Universal Remote control and get rid of multiple remote controls for TV, DVD players, receivers, surround sound systems and others. 1. Turn Samsung Galaxy Phone into Universal Remote Control If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can make use of SmartThings Ap
  6. Philips Universal Remote Codes For Samsung Blu-ray Player. 1540, 1440, 1340, 0342, 0047, 0895, 0997, 0790, 1511, 0147. You can simply use the blu-ray player remote for controlling your samsung Blu-Ray player. You should Turn on your Television Face the blu-ray remote control towards the televisio
  7. 405. Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Samsung DVD remote is best remote for Samsung dvd player. Samsung dvd remote control is very easy to use app for your DVD, easy to setup. Read more. Collapse. 3.6. 405 total

Some Blu-ray discs will start playing automatically without needing the press of the Play button on a remote. But there are also a lot of discs that would require you to use the remote to start playing. 1. Use the physical buttons on your Sony Blu-ray player. If you use an early model of Sony Blu-ray player, there are probably physical buttons. Contact Samsung Support. Contact us online through chat and get support from an expert on your computer, mobile device or tablet. Support is also available on your mobile device through the Samsung Members App. Get support. Go to site

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1 Using your remote, select Home. 2 Scroll left and select Source. 3 Scroll up and select Universal Remote. 4 Select New Device. 5 Select the type of device you are trying to connect your remote to e.g. Blu-ray player. 6 Select the brand of your device. 7 Select the HDMI/AV port your device is plugged into Samsung DVD Player Remote Codes. The Samsung DVD codes will also work for SAT and CABLE remotes. If you have any issues with the Samsung DVD remote codes not working, leave your question below with the model # of remote and Samsung DVD. When using the remote codes below, you will have to program the remote to use with your TV Peel Smart Remote. Peel Smart Remote is an application that helps to remotely control various household appliances: TV, DVD, home theater, air conditioning, thanks to the infrared port built into the smartphone.. To work with the application you need to connect to the Internet, and the necessary files and updates to use this or that brand of home appliances will be installed Hi Frank. I just Installed a Samsung Smart TV, and a older Pioneer Stereo system, CD, and DVD in our camper in the mountains. I don't have internet there, and may be a while before getting. I'm having Problems using my Samsung Note 5 as a Hotspot to activate account on the TV The other day I noticed my wife using the remote control for our Samsung HDTV set to pause the Blu-ray movie she was watching. I was really surprised because I had no idea you could control the Blu-ray player with the TV remote (the Blu-ray player isn't a Samsung brand one, either, so that rules out some sort of in-brand compatibility)

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New AK59-00172A Replace Remote Control AK5900172A fit for Samsung Blu-Ray Disc DVD Player BD-F5700 BD-J5100 BD-J5900 BD-J5700 BD-E5700 BD-E6500 BD-EM57 Bluray Blu Ray Home Theater Sound System. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 293. $6.68 How to Program Blackweb DVD Universal Remote Codes. With only a few minutes, you can setup your device using the Blackweb DVD player codes. The instructions are easy to follow. You only have to take the step by step procedure to successfully program Blackweb DVD universal remote. Things can be easily done by yourself alone

Set Up Netflix. To connect your Samsung TV, projector, Blu-ray player, or home theater system to your Netflix account, make sure you are on the Home screen and select the option below that best describes your device. If you see the Netflix app on-screen. Select Netflix from the Home screen. Select Sign In Programming Samsung DVD Player Universal Remote With Code Search Method. Turn on your Device. Then Click & hold the Setup button. Now enter 9-9-1 (3-digit code) Hold down the Power Key on remote and then click the channel up until the device turns off

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  1. RCA DVD Player. Pioneer DVD Player. Digital Stream TV. RCA Digital TV. Insignia Soundbar. DVD Player Region Code Removal Hacks. SEIKI Blu-Ray. Yamaha Blu-Ray. XR11 Remote Control TV Codes. Samsung All Devices. Setup Multiple Media Devices To A Television. COX URC 8820 Remote Control. Funai Blu-Ray Player. Panasonic DVD Player. LG DVD Player.
  2. Gvirtue AK59-00149A Remote Replacement for Samsung DVD BD Blu-Ray Disc Player Remote, Applicable BDF5100/ZA BD-ES5300 BD-FM51 BD-FM57C BD-H5100 BD-H5900 BD-HM51 BD-HM59 BD-J5100 BD-J5700 BD-J5900. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 593. $9.99. $9. . 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Apr 1. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon
  3. How to connect a universal remote to a samsung dvd player By Alexander Poirier Standard DVD players connect to a television via the television's composite audio and video ports. If your television has two sets of composite AV ports, you can connect two DVD players to the television at the same time without any extra hardware
  4. Use Of This Toshiba DVD Player Remote Control You can Easy and Simple for Anyone to anywhere or anytime. Toshiba DVD Player Remote Control with Easily change your smartphone into a remote control. It is always a good and Easy way to change your mobile in Remote control For All Toshiba DVD
  5. There is no DVD channel. You need to select the input you connected the DVD player to. There will be an input or TV/Video button on the remote that will select that. If you don't know which input you connected it to turn on the DVD player and slowly cycle through all the inputs until you see the DVD screen
  6. These remote code instructions are pre-programmed with the following RCA codes: VCR-000, TV-000, Cable Box-000, and AUX are programmed with the VCR Code 037. The simplest and fast running RCA Universal remote codes are listed down by using the brand name alphabetically. Show. 10 25 50 100 355. entries

Turn on the DVD player, and using the TV's remote, select the corresponding input. At this point, you should see the DVD Player logo on your TV screen. If you don't have a DVD player and need to get one, make sure to buy one that comes with an HDMI video output, that way you can connect it straight to your smart TV ASmart Remote Quick Facts: Supported Android devices: Any Samsung or HTC phone with an IR blaster. Supported IR devices: TVs, set-top boxes, AC, DSLR cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, home theater systems, projectors, and streaming boxes. Supported Wi-Fi Devices: None. PC control: No. Price: Free with an ad banner at the bottom. Customizable. We have Samsung factory remotes for stereos, televisions, DVD players and more that are pre-programmed, come equipped with new batteries and are able to work right out of the box! We are also able to build remote controls for devices that are no longer made by the manufacturer. In this case, we build custom Redi-Remotes (made by Remotes.com. Make sure to hookup and power on all the Sony TV or other device you want to setup using Sony universal remote codes. next, make sure the batteries are working in the universal remote. Note down the Sony universal remote codes from the list provided

sorry. it seems that after the aggravation of finding solutions for the 1st 2 codes i incorrectly entered the last samsung dvd code listed on at&t's list. for anyone seaching for the correct code for a samsung blu-ray bd-d6500, it is 2483. at&t: please review your solution for supplying remote codes. it sucks the yak's mountain oysters. cheers, -j Samsung DVD Remote App 1.3 Update. 2021-04-23. - Power on, off, mute Control. - Channel digits buttons. - Volume up-down control and channel up-down control. - Menu button with up, down, left and right controls. - Offline universal remote for DVD no need the internet connection. - Change mobile into the DVD remote

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Universal Remote Control that will control four components, including a DIRECTV Receiver, TV, and two stereo or video components (e.g 2nd TV, DVD, or stereo). Moreover, its sophisticated technology allows you to consolidate the clutter of your original remote controls into one easy-to-use unit that's packed with features such as Go to settings, select TV Inputs, choose Antenna/Live TV, then 'remove antenna/live tv'. Then turn on the connected DVD player (I put a dvd in and pressed play just in case). Then go to Settings - Inputs - Add Antenna/Live TV - Scan for channels - it will ask if you need channels 3 &4 - Say Yes. Then it takes a while to get through the channels. Enter the code using the number pad on your remote while holding down the device key. If you are pairing your remote with your DVD player, hold down the DVD button as you enter the code. Make sure the remote is pointed at the TV the whole time. Test the remote to make sure that all the buttons are working

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Then Turn on the TV and keep turn off the DVD/blu ray player. Afterward, on the Samsung tv remote press the DVD button once. Press the setup button it will switch the remote in the learning mode. Now pick the code from your remote's guide paper or from the above list and enter it by using the remote's number pad Below are the best DVD players right now, and if you need a solid connection, we have a list of the best HDMI cables to hook you up. Alternatively, we also have a guide to the best Blu-ray players, for full HD and 4K viewing. 1. Panasonic DVD-S700: Best DVD player overall. (Image credit: Panasonic Check out this video tutorial on how program the Panasonic remote DMR-EH55 for other TV's. This Panasonic DMR-EH55 DVD Recorder is easy to operate and great to record with. Check and confirm the following items listed below and make necessary measures. (If your unit is a model other than DMR-ES30V/ES40V, please check 1 and 2

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Buy a universal remote. Purchase a brand new Blu-ray player. 1. Send Out the Rescue Party. I've gradually faced a new reality over the past year living with my son: Things disappear. Sometimes we find them. Sometimes we don't, and I chalk up the missing items to the mysteries of the universe Samsung Blu-ray Player 01945B-BD-C6900-XAC-0223. Samsung Blu-ray Disc Player User Manual. Pages: 137. See Prices How to program a Samsung AK59 remote with codes: Turn on the TV. Point the remote at the TV. Hold the TV POWER button while entering a two digit code. Release the TV POWER button. If you enter the correct two numbers, the TV should switch off. TIP: Start entering the remote codes at 00, then 01, then 02, then 03, etc How To Program A Dish Remote To DVD Player. Press and hold On DVD button on the remote control until red light of the remote control light up. Now it is the time to enter the universal remote code for that particular DVD player brand. Enter 3 digit remote code for your DVD player that you have collected from trusted sources

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  1. I am just a new telus customer and I can not get my telus remote to work my dvd player everything is hooked up and I can bring the movie up but can not get it to start playing using the remote. thank yo
  2. Samsung DVD-1080P7 DVD Player. Love how it enhances picture quailty. The remote is easy to use. Remote is compatable with the the Samsung T.V. Looks good with Samsung TVs, matching styling
  3. Then, depending on the application you choose make sure that your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) is connected to your Wi-Fi and that you have a good connection. Using the Android TV Remote Control application Configuring the remote control. To use this application, you must have a TV equipped with Android TV
  4. • Be sure to remove the disc and turn off the player after use. • Disconnect the AC power cord from the AC outlet when you don't intend to use the player for long periods of time. • To clean a disc, wipe it in a straight line from the inside to the outside of the disc. • Do not expose the player to any liquid

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  1. This is a good DVD Player. It is very inexpensive, yet provides excellent picture and sound quality. My only dislike is the fact that there is only a single, very small light on the front to let you know the unit is turned on. It does not have a display, like my previous Sony DVD player, that showed the status (e.g., playing time, etc.)
  2. 81 avenue near 88 street. ( google map ) condition: excellent. make / manufacturer: Samsung. model name / number: DVD/CD M-101. size / dimensions: Can measure. QR Code Link to This Post. Samsung DVD/CD PLAYER with remote WORKS EXCELEMT CONDITION local pick up only cash preferred. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers
  3. Samsung 3D Blue ray DVD Player with Remote Model HT-E5550W/XY Works fine but changes the source by itself after couple of hours. Use the remote button to bring back to the chosen source. DVD Reader when opened sometimes closes immediately. Samsung Subwoofer Speaker System Model PS-EW2-1 Powers on with 2 front L and R speakers
  4. Power on the DVD player, eject the tray, make sure there's no disc in the tray. 2. Press 9, 7, 3, 5 on the remote control. 3. Use up and down arrow key on remote to choose from region code box on-screen to change Sony DVD players to region-free
  5. Most Samsung smart TVs and Blu-ray players come preloaded with a number of Samsung apps to expand your home entertainment options. The Samsung Apps System, also known as Samsung Smart Hub, allows you to access content from sources like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Spotify right on your TV. You can also shop, play games, read the news, or choose from a wealth of other tasks
  6. Program samsung aa59 remote to dvd player Select the remote control to the device and click on CH+ & CH- switch. If a remote code does not work in your remote control, try using the alternative remote codes available in the list. 1928, Samsung DVD 5 Remote Codes Digit: No configuration required for most Samsung TVs
  7. Turn on the player using the remote; Press ENTER; Press 8, 4, 2, 6, 9; Press ENTER; Disc tray opens, player turns off; Samsung DVD-L70 / DVD-L100 / DVD-L200. Press REPEAT (maybe you have to hold it) Press UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT; 2-digit number should be displayed; Press DOWN until 09 is set; Press REPEAT A-B; Open the disc tray; Close the disc.

8. Press the 0 button on your remote control. 9. Press the Enter button on your remote control to change the region to 1 for region 1, 2 for region 2, and so on, or 9 for multi-region playback. 10. thanks. , hi all i'm new , i know the guy he can do for you to watch dvd in front nav without stop and pull brake , you can watch dvd whenere you want , he charge about $ 280 to 300, his store at alhambra , in los angeles , he already did my gx470 , if you want can can show you to him. Quote. Link to post. Share on other sites

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Ps. I tried with some older remote contols of an older Samsung DVD player too. It did not work either. Region code hack posted by mk, December 19 2017: from us moved to europe. need to play us dvds on european dvd player: Region code hack posted by Tka, January 18 2018: Its very easy,i worked. Region code posted by Nick, March 02 2018 How to program a Samsung AK59 remote with codes: Turn on the TV. Point the remote at the TV. Hold the TV POWER button while entering a two digit code. Release the TV POWER button. If you enter the correct two numbers, the TV should switch off. TIP: Start entering the remote codes at 00, then 01, then 02, then 03, etc

This remote is already programmed to operate an RCA television, a Toshiba DVD player, and a Pioneer audio receiver. If you need to program it to a different device, follow these steps to put in the necessary codes: Step 1: Prep Your Device. Turn on the device you want to program your remote for and insert any media (DVD, Blu-Ray, etc.), if. Can i program my samsung remote to do these functions and save me having to use the sony remote to carry out those actions. it's really annoying having to keep the sony remote to hand all the time just to make minor adjustments to the volume or whatever. at the top of the samsung remote it has keys for DVD, CABLE, VCR and STB (as well as TV. Then tap the Remote icon. You will see this plus-shaped icon once you tap on your device. Finally, you can use the remote on the app to control your TV. You can continue to use the app on your smartphone to control your Roku player as long as you want. However, make sure that your smartphone and Roku player are connected to the same WiFi network Unplug your TV and DVD player. Set the DVD player on a shelf near the TV. Make sure the DVD cables will reach the TV from the shelf you choose. Because the player has a motor inside, it creates heat. Placing the DVD on top of or underneath other devices may cause overheating [source: Fleischmann ]. Connect your DVD player with the included cables For other devices, use the appropriate Device Key instead of the DVD key, in steps 2 and 3.) 1. Turn on your DVD player. 2. Press and hold the DVD player key. 3. While holding down the DVD key, press the OK key. 4. Release both keys. The Device Keys will blink twice. 5. Press 9 - 2 - 2. 6. Point the remote at the DVD player. 7. Press . 8. Press.

TV & Projector Home Theater Blu-Ray / DVD Player VCR Set Top Box: Cell Phone Galaxy Note Media Player Tablet: Digital Camera Digital Camcorder Digital Photo Frame SD Cards Galaxy Camera: Monitor Printer & Fax Memory & Storage PC & Chrome Device. Customer Service Contact Us Shipping Information How to Retur 2) Another method involves using either a special programmable universal remote control, such as a One-for-All or a Phillips Pronto, a PDA, or a laptop with an IR (InfraRed) port, which allows you to send a specific series of infrared signals to the DVD player. Those signals are not available from the regular buttons on your DVD remote, but.

Use WatchOn and Convert Your Samsung Galaxy Device into a TV Remote. 1. Open the Apps icon from your Home screen. 2. Open the WatchOn application. 3. Tap on the respective tabs to view your preferred shows, TV shows, movies and sports. 4. Tap on the Schedule button to see schedule of TV shows 1.With the DVD player turned on, press the 'Setup' button on your remote control, to enter the system menu. 2.Press the right arrow button on your remote control until you have the 'Password Setup Page' displayed. 3.Then press '8888' using your remote control. This will subsequently display a 'Region Code' screen

If the key in question is the power button on the DVD player, try using the remote control to turn on the DVD player. If the remote power button is stuck, try the power button on the DVD player. If one of the buttons works while the other doesn't you most likely have a problem with the broken button. How to check or clean Samsung DVD-P230. You will still need to use the Samsung remote for some of the more in depth features and Internet Apps thoughthere is no way around that, but we can at least get the Cable Box remote to control about 90% of the system. The most helpful was a Samsung Video called Universal Remote Setup: Set Top Box 2013 Samsung Smart TV myTifi is an iPhone app that will let you remote control your Samsung Smart TV by WiFi. Compatible TVs: Samsung J-Series, Samsung H-Series, Samsung F-Series, Samsung E(S/H)-Series, Samsung D-Series, Samsung C-Series. Important: The first 20 start-ups myTifi will behave as the full version, so you can test all the features free Note: If you are using a V2, V3 or V4 remote and programming a DVD player, press PLAY and wait for the device to begin playing. Step 4. After 2 seconds press the POWER/PLAY button again. The device will turn OFF. Note: V2, V3 and V4 remotes will automatically send the command after every two seconds. Step 5

Press the Home button on your DISH remote twice. If your remote is model 40.0, which lacks a Home button, press the Menu button once instead. Select Settings from the on-screen menu. Select Remote Control from the on-screen menu. Use the on-screen menu to select the device you want to pair. Select the Pairing Wizard option from the menu We recently bought a universal remote control for an extra bedroom and needed to find the remote codes to control our existing Sanyo TV and Toshiba DVD player. We ended up searching multiple websites and still didn't find the code list we needed. So we used multiple sources and gathered up the universal remote control 3 digit codes for most TV, VCR, Satellite, DVD, DVR and Blu-ray players Or so I was told when I first moved here 6 years ago. But that's not true. Region coding can, in most cases, be removed from your DVD player using a simple remote-control code that unlocks the player

*Samsung QLED TV is a Quantum dot-based TV. † Smart View mobile app can be updated and changed. ‡ Some devices may be incompatible with QLED TV. § The 'Invisible Connection' refers to a single, transparent optical cable connected to the One Connect Box integrating external device cables, but it does not refer to the power cable of the TV or cables connected to other devices such as. If there is not a label or you don't know what input to use, leave the DVD player on and test each input for 5-10 seconds to see where the video appears. Solution 2: Connect DVD player to smart TV with A/V Cables (3-Prong) Step 1. Plug in one end of the A/V Cables to the Output sockets on the DVD player Roku TV Remote Playback Control Buttons. Lifewire. If you're playing pre-recorded streaming content, you can use these buttons to control playback. For left to right, they're Reverse/Rewind, Play/Pause, and Fast Forward. These operate just like the playback controls on a VCR, DVD, Blu-ray, Ultra HD Blu-ray Player, DVR, or other media streamers A: Answer If your TV cannot use the hdmi cable then using the supplied 3 wires insert the yellow in the green/yellow connector on the TV the red and white in the same color connector , power on the TV and player ,then scroll and activate the av /composite input on the TV imput menu , open the dvd player insert a disc , push play and start enjoying one of the thousands movies available on DVD.

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SAMSUNG AK5900149A Blu-Ray DVD Player Remote: Monday 5th January 2015: This Samsung AK-5900149A Blu-Ray DVD player remote control is available here brand new at ReplacementRemotes.com. It carries a 60 day warranty and is pre programmed from the factory to work for your samsung TV . check your model number on the back of your unit to ensure this is compatible for you Here are the steps for programming different variants of the U-Verse remote. S10 Remote. The S10 remote can program a DVD player, a TV, or an auxiliary device like a sound system Your remote should usually be in SAT mode for normal viewing functions. VCR/DVD: This button is used to be programmed to your VCR or DVD player so you can control the power, and with DISH Network remotes that control DVR receivers you can control the play, pause, stop, rewind and other VCR/DVD functions

Using Roku App on Samsung TV's. We have recently decided to leave satellite services. We have a Samsung Smart TV with the Roku app installed. We also have an older Samsung and using a Roku stick and Roku remote. Using the Roku remote and stick on the older TV is very intuitive and easy to navigate. Using the Roku app on the Samsung Smart tv app. Once your set-top box and TV are connected, use your Fios remote to program it to your TV. With your TV turned on, press: Menu > Customer Support > Top Support Tools > Program Fios Remote, press OK and follow the prompts on your TV screen; Note: DRC800 Fios remote must be programmed using the steps in the user guide. Use the same steps if you. New AK59-00104R Replaced Remote Control for Samsung Blu Ray DVD Players Brand new replacement AK59-00145A remote control. Comes with all the same functions as the original. Easily connects to your TV, DVD player, or Blu-Ray Disc player, no programming or setup required. Standard IR remote, please point at sensor to work

4. ZaZa Remote - (Best for DVD players) ZaZa Logo. Like many of the apps on this list, this universal remote control app uses an IR transmitter to connect with various devices that have a built-in IR hardware. Most of these phones are from Samsung, HTC, HUAWEI, Xiaomi, TCL, OPPO, and Lenovo. Control different devices Samsung DVD-E360 - DVD player overview and full product specs on CNET

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Turn on the DVD player and TV. 3. Press the input selector on your TV remote control until the Video signal from the DVD player appears on the TV screen. C. Connecting to a TV (SCART) 1.Using Scart cable, connect to SCART terminal on the rear of the DVD player to the SCART IN terminals of TV. 2.Turn on the DVD player and TV Program Dish Remote 20.0, 21.0, 20.1 or 21.1 There are only eight codes for Samsung in the case of the 20.0 and 20.1. Once you have the codes, press and hold the 'TV' button until all four 'Mode' buttons light up, enter the first code and press the pound or # button

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Press the MENU button on your remote. Select Parental Favs & Setup > System Setup > Remote or Remote Control > Program Remote. Choose the device (TV, audio, DVD) you want to program. If you don't see your TV or device listed, use the DIRECTV code lookup tool to find the device's five-digit code. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish. Before you begin programming or using the remote, you need to install the batteries. For instructions, refer to Installing remote control batteries on page 4. As soon as you install the batteries, you can use this new remote to turn your 3•2•1 system on and off. By pressing any of the remote sourc

Original Pioneer remote control VXX2702 DVD Player remoteOriginal Sony RM-D320 CD-Player remote controlRating:How To Hook Up Yamaha Receiver Samsung Smart Tv - SamsungALTEC LANSING Ahp524 Light Studio Headphone BluetoothHaier Air Condtioner Remote Control | Haier Air CondYork Air Conditioning Remote Control