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Video ID: 101007This short video will show you an easy way of replacing a Cord Tilt Mechanism in your horizontal blind.The tools you'll need for this repair. Slide the new tilt mechanism into the headrail from the side and position it over the hole for the cords or wand. Clip the tabs onto the headrail so the tilt mechanism doesn't move or shift around. Push the tilt rod back into the side of the tilt mechanism so it works with your blinds again. You can buy tilt mechanisms for your blinds online Venetian blinds are window coverings made up of slats that are often 2 wide. The slats lay horizontally, and can be 1, 1 3/8, 1 ½, 2, or 2 ½ wide. Slats are traditionally aluminum, but may also be vinyl or PVC. Venetian blinds can be raised and lowered to cover/uncover the window, and the slats tilt open and closed for.

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When you pull the cord to tilt the slats and the slats do not tilt, that indicates that the tilt mechanism is broken and needs to be replaced. The cord tilting string is broken, uneven or pulled out. If the cord is broken or missing, replace the cord with a new piece. We recommend using a cord with a 1.4mm diameter The blinds in the video are 2 faux wooden blinds that have the pull cord to tilt them open and closed. They came with the house when it was built. 6 of them..

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  1. If your Venetian blinds won't stay in position, this can be due to issues with the cord lock mechanism. First, take the blind from the window and lie it down on a flat surface so you can look into the head rail Check to see if the cord lock is jammed - if so, just push a flathead screwdriver into the lock to free i
  2. Parts Related To This Repair: 2 Cord Tilters. 1. Locate hole in backside of wheel on cord tilter mechanism (see arrow in picture to right). 6. With same side of cord, set in slot on wheel and then wrap cord four times around wheel in a clockwise direction. 2
  3. e the tilt mechanism at the headrail. 3) Depending on the type of operating mechanism the way to.
  4. If you have blinds that will not open or tilt, the problem could be the blind tilt mechanism. This short video will teach you how to fix your window blinds t..

Use a screwdriver, or simply remove the blind locks on the left and right of the unit, and take it down, so you can work on it without much effort. Next take the cap off one end of the old venetian blind cord, and watch how it turns around the wheels and pullys as you pull it out of the unit Window blinds typically come with either cord or wand tilt. The blind tilt mechanism is the control that makes the blind slats tilt. This article will discuss the basic steps on how to replace a tilter mechanism and repair blinds

If your venetian blind won't tilt, there are 2 common issues that may cause this. One will take minutes to fix, the other requires replacing the tilter. This.. How to Replace a Wand Tilt Mechanism on a 2″ Blind Video ID: 401022 Introduction Wand tilt mechanisms are used in horizontal wood, faux wood, and Venetian blinds to rotate the slats of the blind open and closed. Replacing a broken tilt mechanism is an easy repair. Tools Needed Pliers Parts Needed Wand tilt mechanism S To replace the tilt cord, untie the knots at the ends of the cord, and remove the pulls. The tilt cord is simply threaded over a pulley and out again, it doesn't connect with the lift cord. Remove the old cord by pulling it out: thread one end of the new cord over the pulley and feed it in until it comes out over the other side of the pulley

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2.8mm Cord Loop Used on Hunter Douglas and Graber blinds and shades with the Easy-Lift system and RollEase system. Continuous Cord Loops . You no longer have to search for a method to repair your Vertical Blinds. Vane savers are a quick fix for a broken top hole on any PVC vertical louver. Broken vertical vein savers As with tilting issues you should check that the blind has no obvious errors, such as misaligned slats or knots or tangles in the blind cord. You should also check that the cords are clean, and that there is no dust or blockages causing a problem with the mechanism. If there is no obvious issues then you should attempt to gently close the blind For many blinds, Continuous Cord Loop is optional. Push a loop up from behind the guard. Firmly push the cord against a tooth edge, until the pulley moves, trapping the cord in the pulley. Use a pencil eraser to rotate the pulley clockwise, one tooth at a time, all the way around to the other side. A loop will remain in front of the guard Step 1. Remove the cap covering the hole in the bottom rail of the venetian blinds. You can do this with your hands and fingers. Look for the end of the cord, where it is tied in a knot. Pull the cord toward you, and cut the knot off the end of the cord Other Venetian blinds malfunctions I found people complaining of online were the situation where one slat won't tilt correctly or a situation where it won't release from the cord lock. Luckily, both of these problems can easily be solved as long as you know how to disassemble the blinds, remove the part and then put them back on

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  1. Use needle-nose pliers to remove the metal end cap or end stiffener located near the wand tilt end of the head-rail. Remove the C-clamp or ladder clamps from the tilt rod; the clamps hold the tilt..
  2. Need to repair your blinds or shades? Browse our most popular categories below for simple solutions to common repair issues. Need Further Assistance? You can also call our Customer Experience Center to speak with an expert about your repair issue. We're happy to help! 844-799-5954
  3. This is one of the easiest fixes for a venetian blind, as the tilting wand is just hooked to the tilting mechanism. So all you really need to do is unhook the broken tilting wand, and hook the new wand in its place. On the side of the blind where the tilting wand is located, you should see a hook just under the headrail of the blind
  4. i, or Venetian blinds. When the string ladder gets damaged or tears, you do no
  5. g jammed or broken, leaving the blinds fixed in one place
  6. um, wood and fabric. Any of these types can help you coordinate with your home decor. As with anything, vertical blinds may need routine repair for malfunctions such a slipping control chain

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  1. The tilt mechanism controls the angle of the slats on your blinds. In this short video, you'll learn how to replace it. There are 2 types of tilt controls, cord and wand. Let's start by changing out a cord tilt. Begin by removing your blind from the window and placing it on a smooth, flat surface
  2. The tilt wand for vertical blinds is needed to open and close the slats of the blinds. However, when the tilt is used constantly, it can break or get worn out. When this happens, you can purchase new blinds or you can save money and repair the wand yourself. Repairing the tilt wand for vertical blinds can be done by reconnecting the tilt.
  3. How to Fix Venetian Blinds Step 1: With blinds down, tilt slats horizontally. Step 2: Pull gently on old lift cord to draw new cord up through slats on this side, across top, and through control pulleys. Step 3: When taped end of new cord reaches bottom rail, untape old cord, discard it, and cut off any excess cord at starting end
  4. Pull the shade open. The locking mechanism should keep the cord from slipping back. Make sure you have enough to tie a large knot at the end and then cut the tail, sealing the ends. Tie a regular square knot in the tail close to the end and stuff it and the excess ladder tape back in the hole and pop the button back in. Pull the blind closed and repeat steps 2-4 on the other runs
  5. To keep your venetian blinds working properly and lasting longer, it's important to clean the slats and replace the ladder tapes when necessary. Step 1: Take blind down and lay it out flat, all the way open. Untie both ends of lift cord, as above. Pull cord out of blind, and set equalizer clip aside

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Blind repair parts for wood, pleated, venetian, vertical, mini blinds and shades. Blind cord, shade cord, blind string or shade string. 0.9mm 1.2mm 1.4mm 1.8mm 2.8mm. Video instructions for all types of blinds repairs and blinds parts. Window blind repair kits. Hunter Douglas mini blind cord We recommend these blinds to folks who enjoy altering the amount of sunlight in the room in conjunction with simple decor. Slatted blinds, especially these Timber Look Venetian Blinds, look great with any curtain decor. If you weren't successful in your endeavor to fix your blinds, there is another option

Hang the blinds - make sure you insert the blinds into the bracket the right way round (check the cord winder is at the top) and secure them in place. If you're still unsure about how to install Venetian blinds, it's worth contacting a professional blind installer Denton Blinds have a team of highly trained professionals who are on hand to offer swift and reliable fixes and advice. As blinds experts, we can help with all styles of blinds, including Venetian blinds. Get in touch today with enquiries, blinds repairs or for more information about our large selection of high quality, new blinds. We serve.

Lower your Venetian blinds completely. Adjust the slats to the open position by using the tilt wand or cord, if possible. If your blinds are stuck, lower them individually by hand. Step Two. Unclip the blinds and remove them from the brackets. Set the blinds on a wide table or other suitable work surface. Step Thre Repair Broken Mini Blinds Slats.One by one you will have to remove each blind slat, working your way up the blind until you have removed the bad or damaged slat.Replace the damaged slat with the spare and one by one insert the slats back into the tilt ladders, threading the lift cord back through the routed holes To repair vertical blinds that won't turn or close, start by checking each one individually since it's likely that 1 or 2 are backward and simply need to be twisted in the right position. Alternatively, for blinds that won't turn because the rod isn't rotating, pick up a lubricant spray and use a small amount where the rod connects to the. Horizontal blinds that operate with a tilt control vary from aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds. Tilt controls can vary from either a cord tilter or a wand tilt. Venetian blinds can open by either raising them or by tilting them. Occasionally the tilt control can become hard to use over time

Repair Venetian Blind (old Al type) Tilt Cord. $120. Mount Colah NSW 2079, Australia. 22nd Jun 2021. Replace/renew the entire Tilt cord on 1x Venetian Blind (old Aluminium type, but still in serviceable condition). One side of the original Tilt cord has frayed and broken completely at where it enters the Head Rail Venetian Blind Tilt Mechanism- Slimline/Micro- Left/Right Suit Dual Cord Lock/Tilter Style -Suit Luxaflex / Victory Blinds A$28.00 A$28.00 Venetian Blind Cord- Slimline/Micro Venetian Blinds-Various Colours A$8.00 - A$108.00 A$8.00 - A$108.00 Venetian Blind Laddering A$23.00 - A$150.00 A$23.00 - A$150.00. Knot the end of the cord and tuck into the bottomrail along with the ladder ends. Replace bottomrail plug. At the headrail, pull replacement cord taut enough to pull any slack from the ladder area. Measure where the tassel will go (even with the other tassel - or even with the other cords if joined together at a joiner ball). Knot cord Common Problems Faced by Venetian Blinds & Probable Solutions. While blinds make a great addition to our homes, they can have bad days too. Over a period of time, wear and tear happen to cause the Venetian mini blinds to encounter functional issues and that is normal. We have identified a number of problems commonly faced by users of Venetian Blinds and provided solutions below

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Pull Cord. Cordless. Installation/Mounting Hardware. Non-Motorized. Shop Savings. 59 Results Cordless/ Corded: Corded. Bali 2 in. Faux Wood Blinds (2704) Model# 37. Best Seller. Custom Options Available . Levolor 2 in. Faux Wood Blind (1019) Model# 503469. Custom. Custom Options Available . VENETA Designer 2 Faux Wood Blind Aluminium Venetian Blinds A breakaway cord condenser is pre-fitted to the lift cords so that when a horizontal force is applied to the cords entering the condenser, it safely releases the cords to If you twist the wand to tilt the slats but the slats do not move: • Make sure the slats are open and flat 1. Raise the blinds to their highest height by pulling on the cord control, then tugging the cord to one side. Loosen your grip slightly to allow some slack and check that the blinds are locked in.

VENETIAN blinds contain two separate operating mechanisms, each of which is actuated by a separate control cord - the lift cord and the tilt cord They are operated by hand to raise and lower the blind with a cord, and then the blinds can also be tilted with either a wand or a cord. Structure of Venetian Blinds. Before jumping into the mechanism of the blinds it is important to understand the basic structure of the Venetian Blinds. Venetian blinds consist of slats made of wood, aluminum. However, it can get kind of tricky if these cords need to be threaded through the locking mechanism in the top of the head rail. To restring your blind, get a restring kit with enough string to cover at least 2 times the length of your blind plus the width of the window. This process will work for mini blinds and some Venetian blinds

Next, tie a knot in the cord at that position, but do not cut off the excess at this point. Operate the controls to determine if everything works smoothly and the control cord is the desired length. Lastly, tighten the know and cut the cord 1/2 below the knot. Eliminating gaps between butting blinds Thereof, How do you remove venetian blinds from brackets? - Lift the blind slats all the way up using the cord. - Lift the brackets clipping on both brackets to release the blind. - Slide the blind out of the brackets and be sure to place the Venetian blinds somewhere safe to avoid damage to the slats To thoroughly wash venetian blinds in the bathtub: 1 Use the rotating bar to tilt the blind's slats to a horizontal, level position. Then pull the cord so the blinds go into the full open window position, where they stack together tightly at the top. 2 If necessary, stand on a stepladder or footstool and bend open the brackets holding. Fixing blinds that won't open or close the slats. Just install new 2 blinds and the cord would not tilt the slats. Thank you for reporting! Your comment... usually there is a tilt wand that attaches to the opposite side of the blind from the cords...that controls the tilt of the slats. The cord is to pull up or let down only, it does not.

My Venetian blinds won't 'tilt' open or close. The tilt mechanism needs replacing on large living room Venetian blinds and smaller bedroom Venetian blinds. Need someone to take down the blinds, fit a new tilt mechanism in, and hand blinds up again Pull the cord through and lift it above the top pulley and bring it to the right. Feed the cord through the top right hole of master carrier A and tie a knot in the end. Set the curtain rod in the brackets. Snip the cord just above the knot with scissors and discard the end pieces. Push the cord through the bridge of master carrier B and pull. If you need to replace the cord lock on your blinds or shades below is a list of easy steps to replace the cord lock. Remove the blind or shade from the window. Untie the draw cords. Pull the draw cords through the top of the cord lock mechanism. Pop the cord lock mechanism out of the blind or shade headrail 5. Place the blinds back in the brackets and push the valance in place. Pull the cords toward the inside of the blinds to release the gears, then allow the blinds to lower to the window sill to.

How to Fix Venetian Blinds Step 1: With blinds down, tilt slats horizontally. Step 2: Pull gently on old lift cord to draw new cord up through slats on this side, across top, and through control pulleys Window mini blinds, sometimes referred to as venetian blinds, area a great choice for getting those windows covered in a quick, economical fashion. They offer a durable, lightweight design, and they are available in an array of colors to match even the most eccentric designer's décor. Window Blinds Repair - How To Replace A Cord Tilt. How To Fix Hard To Twist Wand Tilt Control Horizontal blinds that operate with a tilt control vary from aluminum blinds, wood blinds, or faux wood blinds. Tilt controls can vary from either a cord tilter or a wand tilt. Venetian blinds can open by either raising them or by tilting them. Occasionally the tilt control can become hard to use over. VENETIAN BLIND BRACKETS ALL TYPES. VENETIAN BLIND CORD LOCKS & TILTERS. VENETIAN BLIND CORDS FROM 1.4mm TO 2.8mm. VENETIAN BLIND LADDER BRAID FOR 25-35-50mm wide SLATS. Woven Ladder Tape for Wooden Venetian Blinds Colour: White. £4.00

Pull the cord gently, angling the cord toward the center of the blinds to release the blinds and begin pulling down the Venetian blinds. Continue holding the cord at this angle as the blinds lower to the level you wish. Move the cord out toward the outside edge of the blinds when the blinds are at the desired level All Parts for Venetian Blinds. Showing 26 of 26 results. Sort by. Most popular What's new Price low to high Price high to low Name A to Z Name Z to A. . 2 x 25mm Venetian blind brackets. TOP FIX ONLY. £3.95.

Vertical blinds should be left intact. Locate the locking mechanism inside the head rail. Trace the cord up to locate the lock. At the end of the cord, you may see an adjustment component. Push against this with a flathead screwdriver. This might disengage the lock and force the blinds to close. Remove the tilt wand or cord Fixing Instructions for Blind Cord Cleat All cleats and cord tidys for blinds need to be fixed to a solid surface using a screw and fixing suitable for the wall or surface material. These items should not be glued or stuck in place. The holes for the screw are 4mm in diameter, and the head of the screw needs to be less than 7mm wide as it is. Changing the cord. - Remove the plugs underneath your blinds, as you would when replacing a slat and untie the knots in the existing cords. - Tie the new cord with a single knot to the old cord, or melt them together with a lighter. Next, pull the new cord through the path of the existing strings - a bit like threading a needle Occasionally blinds will not lower after shipment. This is caused due to the Pawl(see figure) binding. To release the blinds tug the lift cords to the side pulling towards the center of the blinds. If this does not work, the pawl must be released, follow these easy steps. Remove the blinds by taking the headrail out of the brackets Step 4. Replace the tilt rod, and place the end caps on the blind. Hang the blinds, and turn the tilt rod until the blinds are closed. As a former senior sales director with Mary Kay and the co-owner of a renovation company, Monica Patrick has firsthand knowledge of small business operations

Step 1: Evaluate your blind and buy new blind pull cord No need to go out and buy new blinds! We'll show you how to fix blinds with a few simple steps. The best time to replace the lift cord that raises and lowers a miniblind is when you first notice it's frayed—don't wait till it breaks The tilter can either be a rotating wand or a pull cord. 5. Slats Slats are the strips or blades of wood or vinyl that make up the blind and rotate open and closed. Slats on a blind are like louvers on a shutter. 6. Lift Control The lift control is the mechanism that allows you to lift the blinds up or drop them down. 7. Bottom Rai

If the cord becomes tangled, or the blind doesn't lower properly, essential repairs will need to be made. Whether you're cleaning, need help repairing venetian blinds or are wondering how to fix blind cords, follow these top 10 tips to keep your window dressings looking great. Dust all blinds regularl Fitting and fixing Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and Vertical blinds all follow the same routine (pretty much). It normally involves fixing a bracket or brackets (or the entire carriage) to either the internal area of the window recess (top fix or recess fix) or above the top of the window (face fix) Window blind mechanisms often pinch the cords and prevent you from lowering them. The cords, generally two to three, thread over a pin and beneath the pawl-- a small metal roller with teeth to grab the cord -- inside the lock mechanism in the head rail.The pawl moves up and down along a slotted track to lock or release the cord and lower the blinds Venetian blinds repair is the most common type of blind repair. Venetian blinds have horizontal louvres made of aluminium, vinyl or wood connected by ladders that can come loose or bend if the blind is pulled too sharply. Mechanisms such as lift cords and wands that raise and tilt the blind can also get damaged or stop working properly over.

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  1. Step by step instructions to fix Venetian blinds: Fist, lower your Venetian blind all the way down. Adjust the slats open position with the wand or tilt cord. Remove the blind from your window by unclipping it from the brackets. Place the blind flat on your work surface, using care to keep the slats and cords neat and untangled. Next, if your.
  2. Venetian blinds are one of the most practical and long-lasting window treatments around, but they can develop problems. When the cords break or the tapes look frayed and shabby, you can give your blinds new life by installing replacement cords and tapes, often sold in kits
  3. Venetian Blinds. My blind won't tilt. My blinds won't go up. When I pull my blind up, it just falls down. The string on my blind is broken. The blades on my venetian blinds are bent. When I pull my venetian blind up it sags down on 1 side
  4. ate. Draw the blinds up and secure them first by utilizing the locking system and afterward by tying the blinds' string around the withdrawn heap of braces
  5. Venetian blinds are beautiful window fittings that complement almost every room, but unfortunately, they're not invincible. From time to time, you might encounter an issue with your Venetian blind, and if that happens, knowing how to fix it can save you a lot of time, hassle and money

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Our thoughtfully curated Design Studio ™ fabric collection, including an exclusive line from NY designer Rebecca Atwood, is designed to layer with all Hunter Douglas window treatments. Complete your unique look by choosing complementary side panels, drapery and shades—all beautifully coordinated and only from Hunter Douglas Blinds have always been a wonderful option for window dressing and window treatments. It offers a huge variety of choices from which you can pick and choose for any function or décor as you wish. From slatted Venetian blinds that make your rooms classy and sophisticated to pleated blinds that create a comfortable and relaxing space, the. Getting your current blinds repaired is obviously much cheaper than purchasing new ones. At Bloomin' Blinds, we offer full service repairs and installations for blinds , shades, and shutters. Our blind repair service enjoys widespread client trust and customer retention. We'll come to your home or office to repair your blinds—all you have. Reply to Handyman-4-Rent's Post: These are venetian style blinds made of wood and are quite heavy. They are operated with a cord. I have never opened them all the way before. The person washing my windows did. I haven't tried anything to correct the problem 1. Remove the blinds and the clutch. Most roller blinds will have a pin that you push in with a flat-head screwdriver. This will release the blinds, allowing you to pull them out. Once you have the blinds off, use a flat-head screwdriver to pop off the clutch (the case with the cord in it)

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Doors with Blinds Between Glass. I wrote and article about French Doors with Built In Blinds awhile ago and numerous people have asked how to repair these type of window treatments if they get damaged. The answer is not one most people want to hear. Almost all of the doors and windows sold today with blinds between the glass are not easily repairable Cord lock For 25mm Metal Venetian Universal fit with metal plate head rail size: 18mm x 25mm. £4.95. Dark Brown Box brackets for 35mm wood venetian blinds, Top or Face Fix. £5.00. Extension Brackets for 25mm venetian blinds Face Fix. From: £7.25. Fitting brackets for 25/35mm wood venetian blinds, Top or Face Fix. From: £6.00 Shutter & Blind Repair Experts. Instructions show you step by step how to fix blinds, shades, shutters. We have a large selection of shutter parts, blind strings, tilter, cord lock, cord loop, clutch, cordless motors. Apply for Wholesale Account to qualify for extra discounts. Fix your broken Hunter Douglas window fashions at a fraction cost of expensive new window coverings The blinds are two -inch wide, white aluminums slats suspended from two -inch wide cloth ladder tapes. A series of ropes, threaded through the horizontal metal slats, work in tandem with the ladder tapes and the pulley system to control the blinds. The rope cords, (see diagram) operate two pulleys: the tilt pulley and the control pulley

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The vertical blind chain is the mechanism that controls the function of the entire blind by allowing it to rotate open and closed. Repairing the vertical blind chain requires a delicate touch. If the blinds will not open or close properly, or you find the system a little stiff, you can do this repair yourself in a few hours.. The End Control Ca Venetian Blind Slats Won T Open Or Tilt How To Fix Blinds Hut. Greg S Blind Repair 480 981 1821 On Site Blind Repair Service. Blind Repair Lake Tapps Wa Window Blind Parts Lake Tapps Shade. Window Blind Archives Repair Window Blinds. Diy Simple Blind Valance Repair Simply Organized

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When fixing blinds, be sure to lay them out on a flat surface to make it easier to repair any damaged slats. Find out how to repair frayed chords on blinds by removing the plug to the end chords with ideas from a home repair specialist and remodeling contractor in this free video on home improvement Replacement Blinds String. July 18, 2020 0 Mins Read. Restring a vertical blind headrail mini blind diagram 1 aluminum slat fixing the lift cord on a miniblind window blinds parts roman shade pin on blind repair diagrams visuals mini blind diagram 1 aluminum slat. Fixing The Lift Cord On A Miniblind With a 100-year history of quality, we are the brand homeowners trust most. From the high-caliber materials to the innovative technology built into each product, we consider every detail to create blinds, shades, and shutters that work the way they're supposed to — every time. With a mission to help every homeowner define home, LEVOLOR is. info@cyairnova.com; Home; About Us; Contact Us; how to fix broken vinyl blinds. by - March 12, 2021 - March 12, 202 Here's how to repair it: Use a flathead screwdriver to remove the two (or more) plugs at the bottom of the blinds that hold and cover the lift strings or the thicker center string. Pull the string through the hole and untie the knot. (Be careful, as you will have to re-tie or knot this string after you do the repair.) Remove the lift string

Find the best Blinds Repair near you on Yelp - see all Blinds Repair open now. Explore other popular Home Services near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers Untie the draw cords. DO NOT cut the cord as it is measured for the length of the shade or blinds. Tip: Mark the position of the knot on the draw cords to help identify where you will retie the knot later. Pull the draw cords through the top of the cord lock mechanism. Pop the cord lock mechanism out of the blind or shade headrail Unless the spring is broken, this is easy to fix. If the shade won't stay up, the spring is too loose. Pull the shade down enough to turn the roller a few times; if it's extremely loose, pull it down about halfway. Lift the flat-pin end of the roller out of its bracket. Venetian blinds are often preferred over shades because they are a long. TELESEICT. Teaching and Learning in Special Education with Information Communication Technologies. Project Number: 2016-1-PT01-KA203-02295 But the plus side with a venetian is that you can adjust the tilt to allow the correct amount of light flow through according to your requirements. Venetian blinds can also help with privacy. They are designed to be dropped down for the majority of the time. You do not want to be pulling the blind up too often. External Fi

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How to Fix Venetian Blinds. Step 1: With blinds down, tilt slats horizontally. Step 2: Pull gently on old lift cord to draw new cord up through slats on this side, across top, and through control pulleys. Step 3: When taped end of new cord reaches bottom rail, untape old cord, discard it, and cut off any excess cord at starting end.. Occasionally blinds won't lower after shipment and are stuck in the raised position. If this happens read our easy to follow instructional step-by-step guide to lowering them. 300,000+ 5 Star Reviews Blind slats will not tilt. Sometimes the tilt rod can become disconnected from the tilt mechanism in the headrail due to handling during shipment

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