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GT40 50th Anniversary Future 40 news 09/24/2020. Superformance MKII Roadster graciously donated to the Peterson Museum by Superformance Corporate. Read more > 1 Whatney Irvine, CA. 92618. T. 949-900-1950/F. 949-900-1680. info@superformance.com. For a Dealer Call: 1-800-297-6253 So, 'without sounding like a dick, only a Superformance is legally a GT40 continuation, and, like the rest, is a GT40 replica. Nothing wrong with that but there is a difference.' I'd also like to add, along these same lines, that CAV is the only manufacturer that legally can produce and sell GT40 replicas with official Gulf Oil colors and. Tornado Sports Cars were formed in 1984 and production of our GT40 replica, the TSC GT40, began in 1989. We have continually produced GT40 replicas since that time making Tornado by far the longest etablished GT40 replica manufacturer in History. 2020 marks our 31st year of continual GT40 replica production Ford GT40 Kit Cars and Bodies. Active Power Cars 2597 Townline Road Madison, OH 44057 (440) 983-7190 www.activepowercars.com Manufactures vintage racing coupes inspired by the Ford GT40 on a custom ZSR race chassis utilizing Corvette components All Pro Cars PO Box 402 Muncy, PA 17756 (570) 546-4800 www.allprocars.com Shelby America Dealer. RCR 40 MkI and MkII. The GT40 is perhaps the most iconic race car of the 60s. When the Ford Motor Company was left at the altar trying to buy Ferrari, their response was If we can't buy 'em, we'll beat 'em. And so the GT40 was born, with only one goal in mind: beat Ferrari at their own game of long-distance sports car racing

Ford GT40. Our GT40 Replica is a faithful copy of the Ford that won the 24 Hour LeMans race in 1968 and 1969. We manufacture the Body chassis unit for the home builder to build his own road going version of this fabulous car DRB Sportscars is a World Class manufacturer of high performance Sportscars based on the Gold Coast in South East Queensland, Australia. DRB SportsCars manufacture only the best replicas of the iconic AC Cobra 427 and Le Mans winning Ford GT40 and a modern interpretation of the Cobra, the DRB-540. All cars are available at any build stage, from. THE ERA GT KIT AN UNASSEMBLED PRODUCTION CAR. $54,900. ERA REPLICA AUTOMOBILES has long been known for the highest quality in design, engineering, and craftmenship. In replica circles, the ERA 427SC (and now 289FIA) have become the standard by which others are judged.In fourteen of the last fifteen years, customer built ERAs have been voted the BEST COBRA REPLICA at the annual Shelby.

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Superformance is a distributor of complete rolling continuations from the sixties like the Shelby Cobra, Daytona Coupe, GT40, and the Corvette Grand Sport. Original American muscle cars with modern components Factory Five Racing was founded in 1995. Over the years we have grown from a start-up business in a small garage to become the world's largest manufacturer of build-it-yourself component car kits. We employ a full-time crew of about 40 people, and are located in Wareham, Massachusetts (about an hour south of Boston) Daytona replica: Link: Melson Motorsports: GT40 replica: Link: Merlin Cofano Designs: M-1 & Dena: Link: Metz Motorcars: MMC Roadster (427) 001 352 383 8388: Meyers Manx Inc: Meyers Manxster & Magic: Link: Mid America Industries: 427: 001 309 787 5115: Midstates Classic Cars: 427: Link: Minotti's Fiberglass: 32 Ford: 001 941 592 6010: Mongoose.

About Our Company. Tornado Sports Cars were formed in 1984 and production of our GT40 replica, the TSC GT40, began in 1989. We have continually produced GT40 replicas since that time making Tornado by far the longest etablished GT40 replica manufacturer in History. 2020 marks our 31st year of continual GT40 replica production New Britain, CT 06051 (860) 224-0253 www.erareplicas.com Manufactures E.R.A. 427 S/C and 289 FIA/USRRC replica kits and rollers on custom rectangular tube ladder chassis, and GT40 Mk I and Mk II replica kits and rollers on custom stainless steel monocoque chassis, E.R.A. 289 FIA/USRRC kit $17,900, E.R.A. 427 S/C kit $19,900, GT Mk I kit $54,900.

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  1. The Worlds leading online supplier of GT40 replica cars, parts and accessories
  2. After consulting GT40 replica builders, racers and enthusiasts we have made considerable modifications, including:- • suspension mounts • lowered engine for better centre of gravity • a wider driver and passenger area • a built in rear cage • plus lots more! Inspection of the Southern GT chassis is more than welcome
  3. As the premier manufacturer of GT40 replicas, we offer our customers a truly unique driving experience. In the pursuit of perfection, our bespoke and proprietary modernisations are second to none. The result is a pure and classic GT40 experience that also satisfies the demands of modern drivers

The company was founded in 1999 in Cape Town, and today CAV specializes in building both roller and turn-key replica GT40s to the highest standards. Many other GT40 replica-makers try to closely emulate the mechanicals of the original car, allowing for an authentic experience E.R.A. replicas pay accurate homage to the race cars they emulate. The 289FIA (left) kit and the Ford GT40 Spyder (right) replica are extremely close to the originals. Of the first three Cobra replica companies in the business, Unique Motorcars, E.R.A. Replicas, and Contemporary, only Unique and E.R.A. are still preeminent Cobra kit manufacturers I drove to Phil Ware's house in Auckland on Friday 23 March 2001 where he greeted me graciously and spoke enthusiastically about fulfilling his dream to build a GT40 replica after retiring at age 40. Dead drop gorgeous looks and a terrifically successful racing record made the GT40 a most tempting streetable car This CAV Ford GT40 is for anyone who appreciates the iconic lines of the original Ford GT40 - but with levels of refinement that are only found at CAV. Skip to content. MENU. Classic GT40 replica. Order Your CAV GT. GT0.1. CLASSIC LINES. MODERNIZED UNDERPINNINGS. GT0.2. HAND CRAFTED. BEAUTIFULLY SHAPED. GT0.3. BEST IN CLASS. BUILT THE CAV WAY.

This is a replica Ford GT-40 body, interior parts and frame. This body is the 3 piece unit. This unit and rolling chassis is still available from the manufacturer for approx. $11,449.00. No 'additional' hard mounting points have been attached for an engine or trans. The chassis has the 'original' hard mount points detailing beyond any other gt40 replica. gt-plus 3.9. special touches. bespoke key fob with alarm, locking & immobilizer. gt-plus 3.3. leather. choose any colour or send us your exact specs. gt-plus 3.4. attention to detail. fine craftsmanship. gt-plus 3.5. stitching. matched or contrasted. exactly as you want it Backdraft Racing - Custom Cobra Kit Car Manufacturers | Backdraft Racing. A Backdraft Racing Roadster stands out from the crowd with unsurpassed quality, design and performance. Backdraft Racing's renowned attention to detail makes every custom roadster and authentic replica the very best available. The racing team behind every meticulously. RM/Sotheby's handled the public sale of the Ford GT40 Mk. II that finished third at Le Mans in 1966 - the race on which the movie focuses. The car sold for almost $10 million and we guess that.

Club Membership. You don't have to own a GT40 to be in the GT40 Enthusiasts Club! From our quarterly full-colour club magazine 'Fortyfication' to monthly regional meet-ups, access to original and replica GT40's and invitations to numerous prestigious events (including Le Mans Classic, Silverstone Classic and Thruxton Historic), the club is perfect for GT40 owners and enthusiasts alike Paul has always wanted to own a GT40 however with factory original GT40's selling for over $11 million dollars, the next best thing of course is a GT40 replica! Paul spent a lot of time researching numerous replica manufacturers both in Australia and overseas before finally deciding that the CAV GT40 was the one to buy Rather than chop up a priceless original, though, Everrati is using a licensed replica produced by Superformance, the noted manufacturer of massively powerful continuation Shelbys, Corvettes, and.

If you would like to discuss our products further please contact us: sales@absolutepace.com 9A Supply Court, Arundel QLD 4214 ABN 54 013 259 33 At a glance, you'd think you're looking at a beautiful new GT40 replica from one of the top manufacturers. The proportions are spot-on, the paint is honest, yet eye-catching and the GT's attitude easily leaves you in awe. But if you know anything about ERA Replica Automobiles, you know that the ERA GT has been out of production for years

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The GT40 also carries the GT40/P chassis number and is eligible for the official GT40 registry. The GT40 continuation is built to exacting standards - in fact over two thirds of the rolling chassis's parts are interchangeable with that of an original car, including the 'monocoque style chassis The GT 40 will be featured in the upcoming major motion picture FORD V. FERRARI due out this month. CAV is the only company to be officially licensed to sell a Gulf motorsport car. Neither Porsche nor the other GT40 replica manufacturers are licensed to do Gulf cars. CAV is the only officially sanctioned Gulf GT40 replica

Era Replica Automobiles is the premiere maker of roadster replicas, both the 427SC and the 289FIA. E.R.A. also makes the worlds best GT40 replica. Era Replica Automobiles 427 - The premier 427 replica in kit and turn-ke Description for Replica/Kit Makes GT40 Replica Build Project 1966. GT40 Build Project This is a base roller kit for a GT40 build project. It's a race design full tube chassis. custom suspension and a fiberglass MKII body. All work done in pro shop. Auction is for everything pictured EXCEPT engine and gearbox Daytona Spyder replica: 0064 943 82463: Tansley Panels: GT40 replica: 0064 3 442 9741: Tempero Coach & Motor: Jaguar D Type & Ferrari 250 TR replicas: 0064 3 434 9869: Turnbull Engineering: Sprint & Saker SV1: Link: POLAND: Auto Centrum Ferdinand: 911, Countach & Diablo: 0048 22 644 5871: Bojar Tuning & Replica: Eltoro & F50 replica: 0048 501.

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  1. Weighing 2,557lbs (wet) and boasting a 43% / 57% F/R weight distribution, the CAV GT40 generates some 450hp and 405ft-lbs of torque (at 6,000rpm and 4,500rpm respectively), allowing for 4.5-second 0-60mph runs and a top speed of 200mph. Cape Advanced Vehicles also builds a modern replica of a late-model Ford GT40. Purchase: $100,000+ Ultima Evo.
  2. Based in the UK, Tornado has been producing GT40 replicas since 1989 making them one of the longest running manufacturers who are widely considered one of the best available on the market today. Having taken moulds directly from an original race car the accuracy of these recreations is superb, with notably better panel fitment than the hastily.
  3. 1992 Ford GT40 Coupé Replica by GT DevelopmentsRegistration no. IXI 352Chassis no. GTD40 28891Engine no. OH504883 'An original GT40 is priceless, but an equally charismatic alternative is the GTD40. The pair are indistinguishable from five paces, let alone 50, so faithful is GTD's replica even to the discerning eye. The GTD is no kit car, but a thoroughbred in every sense.
  4. GT40 manufactured by CAV Florida titled and registered as 1965 Ford. High performance 302 with 8 stack FAST programmable injection system. 5 speed trans-axle, AC system, knock-off wheels, correct i... More Info ›. Chepachet, RI 02814 (509 miles from you) ‹ Prev. 1. Next ›. Classics on Autotrader is your one-stop shop for the best classic.
  5. There is one manufacturer who might lay claim to this - Holman-Moody. They make a GT40 MkII from original molds. But they only make them for racing, with a 427 S/O. Expect to shell out $550K for one. ERA Replicas is a very respected manufacturer of Cobras and the GT40 Mk1. They make a SSTL monocoque chassis that is similar to an original
  6. The South African manufacturer builds replicas of classic endurance racers like the Porsche 917, the Ford GT40, the Lola T70 and the Ferrari P4, and we've got to admit they're stunning, even.

Cape Advanced Vehicles was founded in 1999 to produce Ford GT40 replicas in South Africa. The company name honors Ford Advanced Vehicles which was founded in 1963 the manufacturers of the original GT40 racing cars.,From their one-of-a-kind Stainless Steel monocoque chassis to their bespoke leather interior, they are proud to produce some of the. DDR Motorsport Range of kit car supercars including GT8, GTSS and GT4 models. Dearborn Deuce The Dearborn Deuce is an all steel 1932 Roadster with retractable top. Deco Rides Boattail and 1939 Zephyr kit cars. Delahaye USA Kits inspired by Type 57 Bugatti and Auburn Boattail Speedster

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Local manufacturers custom-make 80% of the components used in the replica. CAV's GT40 is offered with a modern Ford V8 engine, but some prefer to buy customized engines in their home market Ford GT40 Race Car Replica As a teenager I had collected brochures from manufacturers of replicas, mostly the Cobra's and Lotus 7's and it just made sense to combine the building and sports cars idea together, and one day, actually build a car. The decision about which car came pretty easily - by the time I hit my 40's I just didn't. This Superformance replica was created to perfectly match the 1966 Ford GT40 MkII driven by Ken Miles at Le Mans, and now it is heading to auction. The new 'Ford v Ferrari' movie is just. Instead of purchasing a replica, you can own an authentically designed, and licensed, GT40 from a starter kit supplied by Nevada Classics. By following the specific rules and regulations required by Transport Canada, you can import the components necessary to complete the project Island Custom Cars was first established in 2012 by Wil Escabache; after completing a six year project building a GT40 Replica Wil looked into starting his own AC Cobra project, however there were no available kits on the market that would meet his criteria therefore Wil made the decision to design and build his own AC Cobra Replica chassis & body kit based on the 427 AC Cobra

All GT40 New Zealand cars are complete factory-manufactured rollers minus the engine and transmission system, so you can either install an original 289 Engine with webers or a model equivalent. Our GT40s' monocoque unibody is a faithful recreation of the original, complete with pressed-steel roof. We can build both left and right-hand-drive. The GT40 is a notoriously tight fit, but Le Mans Coupes Ltd, Superformance's Gatwick-based UK distributor, will customise it with a Gurney bubble (allowing a couple of extra inches. There's an Electric Ford GT40 Replica in Development. With the auto industry making noise of an imminent, wholesale switch to electric vehicles, it's starting to look like preexisting classic cars (and replicas thereof) will be the combustion engine's greatest stronghold. At least, we thought that until a British firm announced it will. Options on this 1966 Ford GT40 include; AC, Leather Interior, Rear Back-Up Camera, 4 Wheel Disc, Seat Belts, and Aluminum Wheels wrapped in Radial Tires. This 1966 Ford GT40 Replica can be seen, including an HD video, at www.gatewayclassiccars.com, call at 812-294-1555 or email Louisville@gatewayclassiccars.com for more information

This GT40 replica is now offered in Florida for track use only with a bill of sale. The fiberglass body is finished in black with white stripes and is mounted to a carbon steel space frame chassis with a welded roll cage. Features include a Gurney bubble above the driver's seat, an aluminum lip spoiler extension, a shatterproof. GT 40 Replicas. Reply Reply Author Tuesday 5th February 2013. Hello All, I am new here & would like know which of the GT40 replica manufacturers are currently trading & out of those which ones.

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  1. The name GT40 reflects a Grand Touring car that is just 40 inches high. RF GT40 MODULES RF GT40 has the pleasure of providing you with a unique ownership experience of a very special race car that is totally suitable as a road car or for taking around the track. RF GT40 is passionate about providing GT40 construction modules that provid
  2. ent, wholesale switch to electric vehicles, it's starting to look like preexisting classic cars (and replicas thereof) will be the combustion engine's greatest stronghold
  3. Superformance GT-40 MK IIMonza Red. Superformance GT-40 MK II. Monza Red. Custom Built 427 FE - 454 cubic inch. NOS Block, Blue Thunder heads. 650 hp, 640 ft/lbs. ZF Transaxle. Hood Strut. Gas Struts
  4. This right-hand drive GT40 was professionally built in 2000 by GT40 replica specialists, KCC in South Africa. Built to very high standards, KCC body shells were produced from molds taken from original GT40s and are recognized the most accurate available are used by many other manufacturers of GT40 replicas
  5. Kit Car Centre / KCC. 1982 - 2003 Chevrolet-engined Cobra replica Ford Cortina-based Ford-engined Ford Granada-based Ford GT40 replica Jaguar XJ6-based Jeep CJ5 replica Jeep CJ7 replica Porsche 356 Speedster replica Porsche 550 Spyder replica Porsche 718 RSK replica Toyota Hilux-based VW-based VW Beetle-based VW Golf-based

a GT40 replica has always interested me.. Theres another top-end Kit manufacturer (of a unique model) who behave similarly in defence of their ten year old two model offering.. Does nothing. 1. Black CSX6141 $94,995 Options: Heater and Defroster $2,365 Fresh Air Vents to Foot Box (Driver & Passenger) $2,900 Glove Box $1,250 Fuel Level Gauge $840 Full Leather Interior $4,950 Polished Quick.. Home > GT40 Replica Kit. GTs40 Deluxe Starter Kit. Product Condition: New. Chassis Panelling £ 8,800.00 : You Will Earn 8800 points which is the equivalent of £88.00. Send to a friend Print. Product Description. Don't forget to subscribe and share . WOW This Man Just Build A Replica GT40 kit Car 1- Scientists crack ancient.We drive a replica of one of the most fearso..

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Description for Replica/Kit Makes GT 40 1967. Nice GT40 BODY. Fits on any VW Bug body is ready to mount to your vw pan and register with your vw bug title. Body was used last summer but decided to use the chassis for a dune buggy body. no room so this must go. Body is painted and can be used the way it is but its not a show quality paint job. Now it's the turn of the Ford GT40 - but not, we hasten to add, a real one. Everrati has gone into partnership with Superperformance, the US manufacturer of 1960s-era replica sportscars, to develop an all-electric version of the classic Le Mans winner. Built under licence from Safir GT40, the first rolling chassis is now with Everrati for a. Racing a replica GT40 seemed a viable means to quell his desire for speed. Several years ago, Mr. Jones met Mr. Bud Jones, an unofficial distributor of GT Developments GT40s Well-respected Tornado Sports Cars, based in Kidderminster, are the longest established replica kit manufacturer in the UK with 36 years in business and 30 years supplying GT40 kits. Buyers have a choice of space-frame or monocoque chassis, and self-assembly costs start around £57k depending on spec

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  1. GT40 Replica Kit: 1965 Volkswagen Ferrer GT. Jeff Lavery. It's amazing how influential the Ford GT40 was when first introduced. From how it set the racing world on fire and spawned numerous dogfights with Ferrari, to the modern day re-creation that never lost a step when it came to its resale value, it's safe to say it's an icon
  2. 1964 Ford GT40 Replica.Cav. Ford BOSS 507HP. V8 + Webber carburetors. 6 speed Gatrag Trans. A/c. Black Leather interior. Rearview camera. MSD..
  3. This GT40 replica is offered with build receipts and photographs, a manufacturer's statement of origin, a construction manual, and an Oregon title in the seller's name listing it as a 1965 Ford replica. The fiberglass body is finished in metallic blue with painted stripes and number meatballs
  4. 1966 Replica/Kit Makes Up for sale is my GT40 replica. It's about 100-200 hours from completion. Will need fit/finish on bodywork, cover the console in leather/vinyl, electrical work, filling of the AC and engine with fluids, paint, and a tune for the engine

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  1. Ford GT 40 For Sale. The Ford GT40 for sale is a replica of the legendary high-performance American endurance race car. It is the first and only American sports car ever to win the 24-hour-long Le Mans competition in Europe. The Ford GT40 race cars were built to compete against Ferrari in the 1960 Le Mans competitions
  2. The following is a list of reasons why you should buy your GT40 replica from Tornado Sports Cars. Tornado Sports Cars are one of the longest established component form vehicle manufacturers in the world with over 36 years in the business. A continual 31 years have been dedicated to GT40 replica development and kit production
  3. FR 76 - Ram Truck 1500 Replica Wheels Description. The newest addition to the Factory Reproductions Ram wheel line up, the 2019 Ram 1500 Replica Wheel is now available for all Ram 1500s. Because of its two different bolt circle patterns, this wide, five split spoke wheel can stylishly upgrade both old and new Ram 1500s
  4. Auto Futura (Pty) Ltd - Manufacturers of the CAV GT. Bailey Cars - RSA Manufactured GT40's. ERA Replicas - UK GT40 replica's. GT40's in the USA. GT40 Video footage - download these! Race Car Replica's - GT40, Ferrari and Porsche replicas. Tornado Sports Cars - GT40 Manufacturer. UK GTD40 Club. Gelscoe Motorsport
  5. Now, the Ford GT40 is one of the coolest replica cars available in America, and you can get them from a number of manufacturers. slide-1450611 Image Credit: Getty Images via Getty Image
  6. The CAV GT40 replica features a TIG welded monocoque chassis constructed from Stainless Steel 304. To our knowledge, we are the only GT40 replica manufacturer in the world to do so. Each panel is 3D modeled, lasercut and CNC bent before being hand welded in our proprietary jig system
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The enthusiasm for the Cobra still existed. People offered kits that you could buy to get the experience. (Remember the Arntz, circa 1970). The replica manufacturers continued to develope their kits over the years and developed a whole new market for a Cobra. Shelby at first said more power to them Just as he had done with the fiery Cobras, Shelby whipped the GT40 program into an unstoppable juggernaut that won four Le Mans 24 Hours in a row and the World Manufacturers' Championship. Built for Fast Five by Race Car Replicas in Fraser, Michigan, this GT40 replica departs from the typical movie-car formula that combines a passable. This is the GT40 centre section or Spider. It has no flute or dart at the top at the rear of door. That flute or dart is an add on character by some replica body work panels. But most original GT40 vary also. GT Racin * GTD40 - one of the most famous GT40 kit cars ever to be built due to its accuracy to the real thing. Continued production until its demise in 1997, due to the failed Spectre R42 project. * GOX Teknik - based in Sweden, makes both an exact replica and a simpler look-alike. * Africa40 Africa40 GT40 replica manufacturer based in South Afric

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Hey Guys, I have a friend with a GT40 replica. He bought this car at auction and does not know who built the car. I told him I would find out what manufacture it might be. Some of the Unique features are: 1. Uses front and rear Corvette C5 spindles. 2. Has an RKT trans-axle 3. A Roush 342 SBF.. Suddenly the GT40 began to not only look like a racing car, but to perform like one. The first race of the year was in Daytona and for the first time, the Fords completed an endurance race taking first and third, with a Shelby Cobra (running a Ford engine) sandwiched in between in second place. The 1965 season had started well - at least the. 1972 Fiberfab Avenger GT15 fiberglass kit car replica of a 1966 GT40. 95 complete will need interior redone and weatherstrips. Originally a corvair 6 cyl. now a VW 1600 4 cyl. with VW 4-speed. Build it like you want it easily converted to a V6 or a V8. Last started about a year ago. Really decent paint and cool original wheels. They still make these kits so no problem getting parts

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Imagine that. I sold the ultimate Chevrolet to buy the ultimate Ford. I found Fran Hall, a race car manufacturer, and owner of Race Car Replicas, in Clinton Township, Michigan, and ordered a GT40 MkI This large 'authority site' is where you'll find the best selection of pre-owned Shelby Cobras and 289 and 427 Cobra replicas for sale. It's all about the racing and street machines produced by Carroll Shelby (Shelby American) back in The Golden Age of the Shelby/Ferrari road racing duels.Back when muscle cars ruled the motorways

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The producer wanted a Gulf Racing colored GT40 as part of the dramatic opening scene. The car was specially prepared to look like the Le Mans winning GT40 in 1968 - 69, complete with bullet holes! If that's right, the undamaged car seen here is a real Ford GT40, which is then replaced by the MDA replica when it has to appear damaged In 1966. with Henry Ford II himself in attendance at Le Mans. the Mk II GT40 provided Ford with the first overall Le Mans victory for an American manufacturer and the first victory for an American manufacturer at a major European race since Jimmy Murphy´s triumph with Duesenberg at the 1921 French Grand Prix Cobra Replica Kits. Shell Valley Classic Wheels is the leading manufacturer of Cobra Replicas. We have been manufacturing the 427 Cobra Replica for over 40 years and as a lot of of manufacturers have come and gone, we are still here producing the most nostalgic Cobra Replica on the market