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Sometimes called mottled enamel or enamel fluorosis, dental fluorosis occurs due to the sustained overconsumption of fluoride when the enamel layers of permanent teeth are being formed, even before they're visible. This can happen before the age of 8 when permanent teeth come in, or around the ages of 1-2 when baby teeth come in Mottled enamel is a condition in which the enamel of the teeth appears a flat, opaque white, may be stained yellow, brown or black, and in addition may have a corroded surface. Histologically, mottled enamel may be distinguished by the absence of cementing substance between the enamel rods. The.. Mottled teeth In moderate forms, dental fluorosis manifests as white mottling of teeth in which noticeable white lines or streaks have joined into larger opaque areas. Brown staining or pitting of enamel may also be present. In severe forms actual breakdown of enamel may take place with loss anatomical structure of the teeth

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mottled enamel a chronic endemic form of hypoplasia of the dental enamel caused by drinking water with a high fluoride content when a child is in the time of tooth formation. It is characterized by defective calcification that gives a white chalky appearance to the enamel, which gradually undergoes brown discoloration. See also dental fluorosis Dental fluorosis is the name for a mottling condition of the teeth, usually whitish in color, caused by excessive amounts of fluoride becoming incorporated into the outer enamel layer of a tooth. The damage occurs as the enamel is developing in the young child

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RESULTS Mottling of enamel was found in 30 children who were fairly evenly spread throughout the age groups (20.3 per cent, Table I). It was five times as common in boys as in girls (Table II). White mottling was more frequent, brown mottling being present only in 3 boys and 1 girl. The various forms of mottling seen are listed in Table III If you've done any auto painting, chances are that you have had paint mottling. Mottling is where for the metallic gathers together in areas or bunches together and gives it uneven or blotchy look. This is usually caused by spraying the base coat too wet resulting in the metallic flakes moving around bunching together The term molar-incisor hypomineralisation (MIH) was first introduced in 2001 by Weerheijm et al. 1 and it was defined as 'hypomineralisation of systemic origin, presenting as demarcated,.. 1. an abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorides, characterized in children by discoloration and pitting of the teeth and in adults by pathological bone changes. 2. Also called mottled enamel. the changes in tooth enamel symptomatic of fluorosis. [1925-30


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dental fluorosis is a common disorder, characterized by hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation. It appears as a range of visual changes in enamel causing degrees of intrinsic tooth discoloration, and, in some cases, physical damage to the teeth INTRODUCTION Although considerable attention has been paid to the occurrence of enamel mottling in high fluoride areas, similar opacities have been observed in optimum and low fluoride areas, and numerous aetiological factors, apart from fluoride, have been implicated Fluorosis is one of the most common problems in the development of tooth enamel. It happens when teeth are exposed to too much fluoride when tooth enamel is forming. Symptoms include barely..

This is because the texture of hypomineralized enamel is often rough and can catch food, bacteria or plaque more easily. Hypomineralized teeth look mottled, with opaque whiteness or yellow or brown spots. Many cases of hypomineralization occur as a result of overexposure to fluoride in the crucial developmental years between ages 1 and 4 Mottled enamel definition, fluorosis (def. 2). See more Mottling of enamel in Mecca and the Arabian Peninsula; a survey and research study carried out in Saudi Arabia. EL-TANNIR MD. American Journal of Public Health and the Nation's Health, 01 Jan 1959, 49(1): 45-52 DOI: 10.2105/ajph.49.1.45 PMID: 13617533 . Share. GOTTLIEB (1920) considered mottled enamel to be a mild variety of non-specific enamel hypoplasia, and if this hypothesis is accepted then any factor disturbing the process of calcification could be responsible for a whole range of enamel stigmata ranging from mild mottling to severe hypoplasia Enamel mottling was widespread in areas with water having fluoride content of 3ppm 3.Mottling with discrete pitting of enamel was noticed at fluoride levels of 4 ppm 4. Mottling was less in case of fluoride levels of 2.5 ppm-3 ppm, with a dull chalky white appearance of teeth 5.No mottling or any other enamel changes were observed in areas with.

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Definition of mottled enamel : spotted tooth enamel caused by drinking water containing excessive fluorides during the time the teeth are calcifying First Known Use of mottled enamel 1928, in the meaning defined abov Gray Mottled Enamel Granite Footed and Handled Strainer Sieve Enamelware Graniteware AussieMagic 5 out of 5 stars (382) $ 29.95 FREE shipping Add to Favorites 2 Vintage Gray Graniteware Enamelware Pie Pans/Plates Mottled 9 1/2 and 10 Rust Chips Marks ShabbyMountain102 5 out of 5 stars. Consequently, enamel fluorosis refers to mottling of the tooth surface that is caused by exposure to fluoride during the time of tooth formation. The process of enamel development consists of an increase in mineralization of the developing tooth and simultaneous loss of early secreted matrix proteins Enamel fluorosis is a mottling of the tooth surface that is attributed to fluoride exposure during tooth formation. The process of enamel maturation consists of an increase in mineralization within the developing tooth and concurrent loss of early-secreted matrix proteins. Exposure to fluoride during maturation causes a dose-related disruption. Black, G. V. (in collaboration with McKay, F. S.): A Brief Synopsis of a Paper entitled Mottled Teeth, an Endemic Developmental Imperfection of the Enamel of the Teeth, Heretofore Unknown in the Literature of Dentistry, Proc. Panama-Pacific Dental Congress 1:25, 191

Of 570 in-patients, out-patients, school pupils and private persons 60-5 per cent. had mottled teeth and 62 per cent. were free of periodontal disease. Of 389 born and brought up in Mecca 65 per cent. were free of caries; of the adults 90-8 and of the children 48 per cent. had mottled teeth. Of 181 who had spent their childhood in other parts of Arabia 57-5 per cent. were free of caries Mottled teeth. In moderate forms, dental fluorosis manifests as white mottling of teeth in which noticeable white lines or streaks have joined into larger opaque areas. Brown staining or pitting of enamel may also be present. In severe forms actual breakdown of enamel may take place with loss anatomical structure of the teeth

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Reality Check Do you have fluoride teeth?: White Spots, Brown Spots, and Pitting Or Mottling Of Enamel - by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine) Dear world, I come from a city of Saskatoon SK Canada, where they fluoridate the public water supplies in most cities. People seem to think that fluoride is good fo Earlier nomenclature included non-fluoride enamel opacities, internal enamel hypoplasia, non-endemic mottling of enamel, idiopathic enamel opacities and cheese molars. 2 In 2003, MIH was further. Enamel Hypoplasia due to Fluoride: Mottled Enamel Mottled enamel is a type of enamel hypoplasia that was first described under that term in this country by GV Black and Frederick. Black and McKay recognized that this lesion exhibited a geographic distribution and even suggested that it was a result of some substance in the water supply. Enamel mottling in a non-fluoride community in England. Goward PE. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology, 01 May 1976, 4(3): 111-114 DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0528.1976.tb02109.x PMID: 1063608 . Share this article Share with email Share with.

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  2. • the enamel changes described may be a result of a fluoride damage of secretory ameloblasts • This can either be due to a fluoride-induced change in composition of enamel matrix, or be a result of a disturbance of the cellular processes during enamel maturation. 4. • Mottled enamel is a condition indicates the fluorosis characterized by.
  3. THE CAUSE OF MOTTLED ENAMEL THE CAUSE OF MOTTLED ENAMEL SMITH, MARGARET CAMMACK; LANTZ, EDITH; SMITH, HOWARD V. 1976-02-01 00:00:00 Volume Twelve, 1932 Pages 149- 159 THE CAUSE OF MOTTLED ENAMEL MARGARET CAMMACK SMITH, M.A., PH.D., EDITH LANTZ, M . A . , HOWARD V. SMITH, M.S. Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Arizona, Tucson, Ariz. AND Mottled enamel, a tooth defect first reported.
  4. Every child spending the years of growth of enamel in St. David, Arizona, develops mottled enamel. The water supply was found to be responsible, similar mottling being produced in experimental animals by giving them St. David water to drink, or by incorporating the residue from the water in their food. This mottling was identical with that produced by including sodium fluoride in their food...
  5. The enamel shows slight changes ranging from a few white flecks to occasional white spots. Very mild. Small opaque paper-white areas are scattered over less than 25% of the tooth surface
  6. Fluoride has been considered as the single factor most frequently responsible for causing enamel mottling. However, in humans, either endogenous and/or exogenous factors not related to fluoride exposure may also cause enamel mottling. In this sense, various studies in the international literature have reported severe mottling of the teeth that could not be attributed to fluoride exposure

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  1. Discoloration - One of the most common signs of enamel malformation is the discoloration of the tooth's surface. Those with this condition often develop mottling on the outsides of their teeth - an effect that can resemble that of patients who have had rickets. The marks can be white, brown or yellow and result from trauma to the overly.
  2. mottled enamel) at approximately what age a child moved into a community whose water supply contains fluorine. If a person has lived from birth in a community in which mottled enamel is endemic, all of the teeth will be mottled. If a child moves into such a community after the age of twelve to thirteen years
  3. Incisor enamel mottling in child cohorts which had or had not taken fluoride supplements from 0--12 years of age. Proc Finn Dent Soc 1991;87:595--605. Larsen MJ, Kirkegaard E, Poulsen S, Fejerskov O. Dental fluorosis among participants in a non-supervised fluoride tablet program
  4. eralization. Dental fluorosis occurs when children between birth and around nine years of age are exposed to high levels fluoride.
  5. eralization of tooth enamel. It is caused by the excessive consumption of fluoride at 6 years of age and younger. Hence, water fluoridation is the leading cause of dental fluorosis, responsible for 40% of all cases

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Oct. 3, 2005 -- New research links amoxicillin, an antibiotic commonly used to treat babies' ear infections, to tooth enamel problems.. That doesn't prove that the drug caused those problems. More. Cawson 1 stated that mottling of enamel is the most frequently seen and most reliable sign of excessive quantities of fluoride in the drinking water. Dean 8 concluded that a fluoride level of above 1ppm does not significantly reduce caries beyond the optimal effect of 1ppm While low levels of fluoride help strengthen and protect tooth enamel, too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis -- a discoloration of teeth, usually with opaque white marks, lines, or mottled. defects of tooth enamel have been described with a host of terms such as: mottled enamel, non-endemic mottling of enamel, internal enamel hypoplasia, cheese molars, non-fluoride enamel opacities, opaque spots, and idiopathic enamel opacities (Weerheijm et al. 2001). Much of this developmentally defective enamel would currently b Of these 174 patients who underwent dental examination, a total of 73 (41.95%) demonstrated some degree of enamel mottling, which ranged from chalky-white patches on the enamel surfaces, to brown staining and surface irregularities

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Some patients have mottling of the retinal pigment and features of macular dystrophy. Systemic Features: Primary dentition seems to be normal but secondary teeth have generalized enamel hypoplasia. Severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss has been diagnosed in the first or second year of life Enamel mottling was strongly associ- ated with the fluoride level of the com- munity water supply. The dental caries rate was found to vary inversely with the fluoride level of the community water supply. There was a steady de- cline in the DMFS (decayed, missing and filled surfaces) score in both age groups (7-12 and 14-18), with increasing. Enamel matrix is laid down properly and begins to mineralize but there is a defect in maturation of enamel's crystal structure Affected teeth normal in shape Mottled appearance-white, brown or yellow Enamel soft and chips away from dentin Enamel has similar radiodensity to dentin AI-Hypomaturative AI-Hypomaturative enamel lamellae: (ləmel´ē), n.pl the incompletely calcified, microscopic structures present in the enamel. They may extend to the dentinoenamel junction and beyond. enamel matrix , n the mineral structure of enamel, secreted by ameloblasts. enamel, mottled , n See fluorosis, chronic endemic dental Dr Eager also noticed that the incidence of the condition among infants had greatly diminished since water brought from a distant mountain had been in use in lieu of the water from local wells. In 1916, McKay and Black 10 described the same condition, calling it mottled enamel, localized to the area of Colorado Springs, CO. The authors.

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  1. To better define the aesthetics of enamel fluorosis, methods should be developed and validated to objectively assess enamel fluorosis. Staining and mottling of the anterior teeth should be distinguished from staining of the posterior teeth so that aesthetic consequences can be more easily assessed. Page 340 Share Cite
  2. Mottled teeth. ICD-9-CM 520.3 is a billable medical code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 520.3 should only be used for claims with a date of service on or before September 30, 2015. For claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015, use an equivalent ICD-10-CM code (or codes)
  3. eralization indicative of mild-to-moderate fluorosis. The patient was a second-year dental student and was concerned that the appearance of his teeth would negatively impact interactions with his patients. He believed the tooth.
  4. While low levels of fluoride help strengthen and protect tooth enamel, too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis—a discoloration of teeth, usually with opaque white marks, lines, or mottled.
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  6. Medical Definition of Mottled enamel. 1. Alterations in enamel structure due to excessive fluoride ingestion during tooth formation; varies in appearance from small white opacities to yellow and black spotting. Nanoid enamel, a condition of abnormal thinness of the enamel. Synonym: dwarfed enamel
  7. es that children living where mottled enamel is most common in the UK tend to have much less dental decay than other children. Meanwhile, McKay convinces the residents of an Ohio town where mottling is widespread to spend $35,000 to switch to a new water supply

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There is thus no doubt that a high degree of enamel fluorosis causes an increased tendency to caries. SOURCE: Carlsson A. (1978). Current problems relating to the pharmacology and toxicology of fluorides. Journal of the Swedish Medical Association 14: 1388-1392. Severe mottling is as destructive to teeth as is dental caries Further studies by McKay, Kempf, and Churchill on water samples in areas in Idaho and Arkansas in 1931 confirmed the link between mottled enamel and high water fluoride levels . From 1931, Dr. Trendley Dean, Head of the Dental Hygiene Unit at the National Institute of Health, began investigating the epidemiology of fluorosis Generalized hypoplastic type Amelogenesis Imperfecta Affects primary &permenant dentition Severe mottling of the enamel surface. Hypomaturation Amelogenesis Imperfecta: *Enamel is normal in form on eruption but: opaque. white to brownish-yellow. softer than normal. tends to chip from underlying dentin A wide variety of terms and definitions are used to describe various developmental defects of enamel. Some are simple descriptive clinical terms, and others are linked with the causative agent or the histopathology of the defect Synonyms for mottling in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for mottling. 1 word related to mottling: marking. What are synonyms for mottling

Fluorosis definition, an abnormal condition caused by excessive intake of fluorides, characterized in children by discoloration and pitting of the teeth and in adults by pathological bone changes. See more Mottled teeth ICD-9-CM 520.3 is a billable medical code that can be used to indicate a diagnosis on a reimbursement claim, however, 520.3 should only be used for claims with a date of service on or before September 30, 2015 After the use of the DDE Index in a National Study in Ireland, initial alterations to the Index were tested on a group of children with enamel defects, in Ireland and New Zealand. The DDE Index was then modified to allow for the measurement of demarcated, diffuse, and hypo-plastic defects and their severity Mottled enamel (figure 2-15), also called dental fluorosis, is a form of enamel. hypocalcification which results from the ingestion of excessive fluoride during the period. of enamel formation. To cause mottling, fluoride must be present in concentrations

In addition to mottled enamel, children can also be affected by enamel hypoplasia, a disorder in which the teeth develop with enamel that is thin and deficient. This sometimes appears as a pit or even a hole in the tooth. In more advanced cases, the enamel is completely absent, exposing the sensitive inner surfaces of the tooth 1) High levels of Chlorine in the water, 2) High levels of nitrate in the water, 3) High levels of flouride in the water, 4) High levels of calcium in the water, 5) NUL Discoloration - One of the most common signs of enamel malformation is tooth surface discoloration. Those with this condition often develop mottling on the outside of their teeth. This effect can resemble that of patients who have had rickets. The marks can be white, brown, or yellow and result from trauma to the overly thin tooth enamel

What does mottled-enamel mean? Discolored and spotted tooth enamel caused by excessive amounts of fluorides in drinking water. (noun Find Dental Fluorosis Termed Mottled Enamel Hypomineralization stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day small, opaque, paper-white areas scattered irregularly or streaked over the tooth surface; principally observed on the labial and buccal surfaces, involving up to 25 percent of tooth surface; small pitted white areas frequently found on summit of cusps; brown stain rarely observed in mottled enamel of this classification and, if present at all. Jackson D. A clinical study of non-endemic mottling of enamel. Arch Oral Biol 1961;5:212-23. 33. Al-Alousi W, Jackson D, Crompton G, Jenkins OC. Enamel mottling in fluoride and non-fluoride community. Br Dent J 1975;138:9-15. 34. International Dental Federation, FDI. An epidemiological index of developmental defects of dental enamel (DDE index) The presentation may range from very mild white flecking through the enamel to severe staining (mottling) and hypoplasia. Fluorosis and amelogenesis imperfecta can be confused,.

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Enamel hypoplasia is a defect of the enamel that only occurs while teeth are still developing. Still, it can affect both baby teeth and permanent teeth. The condition results in thin enamel, which. Which of the following represents an effective treatment for mottled enamel (chalky white color mixed with brown spots)? In office bleaching with 35% hydrogen peroxide Walking bleach after RCT Vital tooth bleaching at home Microabrasion with HCL/pumice 0 explanations


Excess fluoride ingestion during childhood can cause mottling of the hard outer surface of the tooth (the enamel). Abnormal tooth enamel may be due to a diet containing insufficient vitamin D, as in rickets. Abnormal enamel may also be the result of a childhood infection (such as measles or chickenpox) occurring when the permanent teeth were. The well-recognized and historically documented example of chemically induced enamel hypoplasia refers to the effects of chronic fluoride toxicity on the dentition, and although total fluoride intake will vary with total water consumption, fluoride-induced enamel hypoplasia, also referred to as fluoride mottling, is usually inconspicuous at levels below 1.0 ppm in the drinking water In this defect the enamel is softer than normal. The affected areas are more porous than normal, so the teeth stain more easily as well. In severe cases, the teeth become mottled, pitted and brown Define mottled tooth. mottled tooth synonyms, mottled tooth pronunciation, mottled tooth translation, English dictionary definition of mottled tooth. n. Discolored and spotted tooth enamel caused by excessive amounts of fluorides in drinking water

Mottled enamel is a demineralization of the outer most layer of tooth structure (enamel) caused from excessive ingestion of fluoride during the years of tooth calcification (Szpunar and Burt 1987). Survey of All Water Treatment Plant Operators Who Fluoridate Drinking Water in Ohio(1 Mottled enamel in Arizona and its correlation with the concentration of fluorides in water supplies / (Tucson, Ariz. : University of Arizona, 1932), by H. V. Smith and Margaret Cammack Smith (page images at HathiTrust; US access only

Permanent Mottled. teeth are affected. teeth are less susceptible to caries than normal teeth from low fluoride areas. Paper-white Brown. enamel opacities. opacities acquired after eruption Clinical Features Mottling ranges from paper white patches to opaque, brown, pitted and brittle enamel. Individual variation in the effects of fluorides Fluorosis is a defect of tooth enamel caused by too much fluoride intake during the first 8 years of life. Although fluorosis can be cosmetically treated , the damage to the enamel is permanent. Common causes of fluorosis include: fluoridated drinking water (particularly during infancy ), ingestion of fluoride toothpaste , use of fluoride. At the time when mottled enamel was a huge success in the USA some countries stuck to a plainer look. Classic British enamel was typically white with navy trim, though deeper colours were also used. Sweden had a lot of cream with green edging. Other countries had a mixture of plain and speckled, with folk art decoration, like floral motifs.

US1001511A US53068309A US1909530683A US1001511A US 1001511 A US1001511 A US 1001511A US 53068309 A US53068309 A US 53068309A US 1909530683 A US1909530683 A US 1909530683A US 1001511 A US1001511 A US 1001511A Authority US United States Prior art keywords enamel glass colored coloring making Prior art date 1909-11-30 Legal status (The legal status is an assumption and is not a legal conclusion Enamel: The periapical expressions of pathologic Amelogenesis are hypoplasia, which is manifested by pitting, furrowing or even total absence of enamel & hypocalcification in the form of opaque or chalky areas on normally contoured enamel surfaces. An example of systemic type of calcification of the enamel is so called Mottled Enamel Enamel Hypoplasia Prevention. One of the most important factors in treating enamel hypoplasia is catching it early. It's better for the dentist to spot a sensitive area or fill a small cavity early on than to remove the whole tooth due to extensive decay. Taking Vitamin A and D can also help strengthen developing teeth The easiest way to prevent a mottled pattern of discoloration is to wipe it dry with a clean cloth or paper towel. Enamel can be sifted directly after rinsing, thus eliminating the need to dry. If some time is to elapse prior to coating all or any part of the surface, it is desirable to dry the metal surface

While the exact mechanism of action of how fluoride causes enamel mottling remains unknown, it is well-recognized that with increased amounts of fluoride concentrations in the drinking water, the resultant enamel hypoplasia becomes progressively evident, as increased fluoride levels interfere with ameloblastic function, which adversely affects. Which one of the following, in excessive amounts, can cause mottled tooth enamel? A. Riboflavin B. Calcium C. Fluoride D. Thiamin. Fluoride in excessive amounts, can cause mottled tooth enamel. s. Log in for more information. Question. Asked 7/4/2016 5:32:53 PM. Updated 7/4/2016 5:52:54 PM. The enamel microabrasion technique is a conservative method that improves the appearance of the teeth by restoring bright and superficial smoothness, without causing significant structural loss. The aim of this article is to describe an easy technique for managing mild to moderate dental fluorosis using Opalustre (Ultradent Products.

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  1. eralised tissue is : A. Presence of high percentage of organic matrix B. Presence of incremental lines C. Enamel has high reparative capacity D. Most of the organic component is lost during
  2. Mottling with a Two-Part Roller. With a special roller and paint tray, you can apply two colors of paint at the same time. The effect is jarring at first, but if you roll back and forth in random directions, the colors blend and create a mottled look. Because you use only paint, the finish lacks the translucent quality that glaze offers
  3. Synonyms for mottled enamel in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for mottled enamel. 1 synonym for enamel: tooth enamel. What are synonyms for mottled enamel
  4. Teeth polishing is usually done after teeth scaling in dental office. It is helpful in the following ways: 1. It helps to get rid of the stains which was unable to be removed by the scaler. 2. It helps to finely smoothen out the enamel layer which..
  5. 2021 ICD-10-CM Index › 'O' Terms › Index Terms Starting With 'O' (Opacity, opacities) Index Terms Starting With 'O' (Opacity, opacities
  6. Yes there are acids in the peel that can cause erosion (~pH 4.7), but so can the rest of the apple (pH 3.3-3.9). This does not mean you should avoid apples, you just need to rebalance your oral pH by chewing xylitol gum or swishing with a baking s..
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Mottling was not as severe, however, in children who consumed this water during the first half of the enamel formation period only. We conclude from these results that the legal threshold needs to be lowered from its current level of 0.8ppm, as the current limit can not assure the prevention of mottled enamel due to fluoride in drinking wate fluorosis - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. All Free Media in category Dental fluorosis. The following 10 files are in this category, out of 10 total. 4724507933 07ac954c27 bFluorose.jpg 1,929 × 1,309; 513 KB. Bellingham fluorosis 3.jpg 205 × 192; 24 KB. Dental fluorosis (mild).png 1,693 × 916; 2.39 MB. Dental fluorosis.jpg 2,480 × 1,860; 1.93 MB Mottled enamel is pitted because of a deficiency in the number of ameloblasts (enamel-forming cells) and chalky because of a lack of mineral deposits. See Table 4-1 for the appearance of teeth with varying degrees of mottled enamel. Benefits of Fluoride The dental health benefits of fluoride have been shown in numerous studies. The benefits are in proportion to the length of time an individual.

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  1. What does mottle mean? To mark with spots or blotches of different shades or colors. (verb
  2. eralization, increasing enamel resistance
  3. Mottled definition: Something that is mottled is covered with patches of different colours which do not form... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  4. As mottled enamel is the result of partial failure of ameloblasts to properly elaborate and lay down enamel, it is a developmental injury. Cellular renewal in the enamel organ and the odontoblast layer of the rat incisor as followed by radioautography using 3H-thymidine
  5. Grading of mottled enamel; Very mild- small paper-white areas involve less than 25% the surface. Mild- opaque areas involve more that 50% of the surface. Moderate- the whole of the enamel surface may be affected with paperwhite or brownish areas or both. Severe- the enamel is grossly defective, opaque, pitted, stained brown and brittle
  6. In its mild form, most commonly the teeth present with small white streaks and the enamel appear mottled. As the severity of the condition increases, black and brown stains develop. The enamel microabrasion technique is an excellent method to remove intrinsic enamel stains of any etiology and colour,.
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