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A subreddit dedicated to our favorite K-drama series, Crash Landing on You. Here we can discuss anything related to the series: plot, characters, news or just having fun. 3.9 Crash Landing on You: Post-Finale Discussion I. Drama: Crash Landing on You / Love's Emergency Landing (Literal Title) Air Date: Sat. & Sun. @ 21:00. Starring: Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri, Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyeo, Seo Ji Hye as Seo Dan, Kim Jung Hyun as Koo Seung Joon, Oh Man Seok as Jo Cheol Kang & Kim Young Min as Jung Man Bok

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  1. g Sources: Netflix Starring: Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri, Hyun Bin as Ri Jung Hyeo, Seo Ji Hye as Seo Dan, Kim Jung.
  2. Idk how anyone could be content with that ending. The only reason I could thinking of is that the show was too emotionally draining. But we all know that the true ending to this show is cap ri and Yoon seri married and raising their twins. The writers could fill in the rest and I'm sure they could write a whole seasonin 2 that wouldn't disappoint
  3. Lest you've been living under a cave, Crash Landing On You's all the rage right now, and the statistics definitively attest to its popularity: the series finale of the hit drama set a new record for the highest viewership ratings in tvN history, with an average nationwide rating of 21.683 percent and a peak rating of 24.1 percent
  4. Crash Landing on You broke records when its final episode peaked at a 24.1 per cent rating, clocking in an average 21.7 per cent overall viewership to beat what was formerly Korean TVN channel's.
  5. Crash Landing On You was a fan favourite even from the early stages. According to Wikipedia, it was the fourth highest rated K-drama for the first part of its run. After its final episode on 16 Feb 2020, Crash Landing On You officially boasts a remarkable 9.1 rating on MyDramaList, as well as a 5-star approval rating on Google
  6. Here are my thoughts on the first 6 episodes of the currently airing Netflix original kdrama

Thank you for subscribing to my channel! Please find me at:- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialyeon...- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yeonmi_.. watch in hdnone of the videos are mine, only the editingscenes from episodes 1-16support for my work will be appreciated! any amount will help greatly with m.. Crash Landing on You (Korean: 사랑의 불시착; Hanja: 사랑의 不時着; RR: Sarang-ui Bulsichak; MR: Sarang-ŭi Pulshich'ak; lit. Love's Emergency Landing) is a 2019-2020 South Korean television series written by Park Ji-eun, directed by Lee Jeong-hyo and starring Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Kim Jung-hyun and Seo Ji-hye.It is about a South Korean chaebol heiress who, while paragliding in.

music https://soundcloud.com/simonjefferis/amsterdaminthespringinstagram @uncut_emNo copyright infringement intended. I do not own any of the clips from. There's no question here: Crash Landing on You is everyone's current K-drama addiction.The real controversy, however, lies in how accurately North Korea is actually being represented in tvN's hit romantic comedy series.In fact, according to a recent report by Soompi, the Christian Liberal Party has even accused [the drama] of violating the National Security Act (NSA) for glorifying. Feeling the void left by Crash Landing on You is inescapable. Therefore, we are setting up this list of K-Dramas to charm you the way Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin warmed up your heart in their love story This picks up from where the drama ended. You can call it season 2 of Crash Landing on You. This story tells the life of Ri Jeong Hyeok and Yoon Se Ri when they move to.. SINGAPORE - Crash Landing On You, which stars the popular Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, smashed viewing records with its finale on Sunday (Feb 16). According to Nielsen Korea, the show has become the.

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Crash Landing on You (tvN) is the love story of a South Korean woman who literally crash lands into the arms of a North Korean soldier on the North side of the border! It's exciting. There are serious baddies here who have access to all sorts of weapons in the military. Lives really are in danger. Luckily, our lead has the skills to deal with them (more believable since Hyun Bin actually. It wasn't a coincidence. Fate brought the #RiRiCouple crash-landing on us, and for that we're grateful. ️Subscribe to The Swoon: https://bit.ly/2IiIXqVWatch.. One of South Korea's highest-rated and controversial drama cable television shows crash landing on you is coming to an end tonight. For those unfamiliar with the series, it tells the story of a South Korea Heiress (played by Son Ye Jin) and a North Korean elite special forces solider (Played by Hyun Bin) who end up meeting on the Northern side of the peninsula and fall in love When Netflix's Crash Landing On You season finale arrived on Netflix last February, fans from all over the world wept to its beautiful ending. The North Korea-South Korea love story definitely changed the K-Drama game for many fans, so it's completely normal to still be reeling from the series

The Life List: Feel-good romances to watch after Crash Landing On You Several celebrities were amused by his post, with actresses Katy Kung and Rebecca Zhu joking that they could not stand his post January 13, 2020 3:45 am. 10. Today's review will about the cute rom-com Crash Landing On You and why I find it corny and at times cringy but still can't stop watching. Crash Landing On You has been on my radar ever since the news was announced in mid-2019. Back then, I was over the moon because I really liked the pairing Crash Landing on You is in many ways a typical K-drama romance, but has been widely praised for its well-researched and nuanced portrayal of North Korea, something it achieved by having a real. Crash Landing on You actually reunites the two main leads from 2018 movie, The Negotiation, where they are adversaries. In CLOY, their comradery and chemistry is unquestionable. Hyun Bin has received his fair share of criticism in the past, but this character is well suited for his strengths, being good looking and stoic Crash Landing On You ending is here and fans are happy but also heartbroken! Crash Landing On You episode 16 aired on February 16, the hit tvN drama is now one of the highest-rated cable dramas of all time. Fans celebrated the last episode by trending #CrashLandingOnYouFinale on twitter; they expressed their feelings about the ending

It's been a month since the last episode of Korean drama Crash Landing On You was aired, and everyone is still talking about it. And we don't blame them - the drama was a breath of fresh air. It is a well-known saying among aviators that, Any landing you can walk away from is a good one. (It was first penned by Gerald R. Massie in 1944 after the crash-landing of his B-17 while serving as a photographer. Crash Landing on You is a South Korean drama series created by the drama production Studio Dragon and written by Park Ji-Eun. The series saw The Negotiation cast members, Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin reunite, meanwhile all sixteen episodes were directed by Romance is a Bonus Books' Lee Jung-Hyo. tvN can proudly boast seven of the top ten highest.

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You can easily watch it on Netflix,assuming you have a subscription. Or there is always this website, Watch Korean Dramas, Chinese Dramas and Movies Online | Rakuten Viki which is essentially a safe and great haven for anybody who wants to watch d.. Crash Landing on You didn't just make history by becoming South Korean TV channel TVN's highest-rated show ever — it's also taken hold of Filipino hearts everywhere.. A unique love story between individuals from North and South Korea, the K-drama series has been in Netflix' top 10 lists in the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand Crash Landing on You tells the story of a South Korean woman, Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin), as she crash lands in North Korea following a paragliding accident. Naturally, being in the North is not safe. Crash Landing On You has a pretty simple—and rather goofy—premise. One day, a South Korean chaebol heiress named Yoon Se-ri (Son Ye-jin) randomly decides to go paragliding. A freak tornado happens, and she crash-lands in North Korea. Ri Jung-hyuk (Hyun Bin), a Captain in the North Korean army, discovers her

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Audience Reviews for Crash Landing on You: Season 1 Jun 27, 2021 Me encantó la historia, la música, la cinematografía y el elenco de actores y actrices son maravillosos Crash Landing on You. (2019) After getting into a paragliding accident, South Korean heiress Yoon Se Ri crash lands in North Korea. There, she meets North Korean army officer Ri Jung Hyuk, who agrees to help her return to South Korea. Despite the tension between their countries, the two of them start falling for one another Crash Landing On You ended its broadcast on a high note Sunday night when it achieved a nationwide TV rating of 21.7%, becoming the second drama in Korean cable TV history to surpass the 20% mark. This figure translates to an estimated 6.3 million viewers nationwide, according to Nielsen Korea. The tvN series premiered in December 2019 with a 6.1% rating and climbed past the 10% mark on its. It has been several weeks since I watched the last episode of Crash Landing on You and I am utterly shocked by how much I miss these characters. And not just the main characters whose chemistry was magical but all the supporting cast as well. They lent a depth and breadth to this tale--the good guys were endearing and the bad guys were classic

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Gosh. It's been almost a week after Korean drama Crash Landing on You finished airing, and now your girl is lost. I can't stop searching for cute moments of both Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin on Youtube, and now I'm on the biggest kdrama slump I've ever been in. . No drama satisfies me because nothing can live up to the high standards of Crash Landing on You Crash Landing on You (TV Series 2019-2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more Crash Landing on You is the most epic love story streaming on Netflix. 'Crash Landing on You' Fans: Get Yoon Se-ri's Trademark Earrings 50% Off at Swarovski By Tobey Grumet Segal • Jan 13, 202 The finale for Crash Landing On You has aired and the series has ended. The TV drama about a South Korean heiress and an army officer in North Korea, with its nail-biting plot, high-fashion.

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  1. Yoon Ji Min. Go Sang Ah [Se Hyung's wife] Support Role. Jang Hye Jin. Go Myung Eun [Seo Dan's mother / Department store president] Support Role. Park Myung Hoon. Go Myung Suk [Seo Dan's uncle / Myung Eun's brother] Support Role
  2. Why you should watch it: This series deviates from the usual K-drama tropes and give viewers an honest portrayal of relationship dynamics. Both protagonists are lovable despite their fatal flaws and you'll find yourself rooting for them. Also, if you haven't already fallen in love with Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You, this drama is sure to.
  3. Crash Landing On You stars maintain they are only close friends Fans cannot help but link the two stars whenever their photos appear on social media Crash Landing On You star Son Ye Jin was in the ER
  4. The finale of Crash Landing on You feels like the end of an era and I, like many others, am very sad to see it conclude. This wonderful drama will always remain one of the best I have watched and with some well placed comedy, romance and brilliant plotting, Crash Landing On You has crash landed this Korean drama to top of the TV show pile of.
  5. The truth is it'll take a while before you can move on from your Crash Landing on You fascination, and we can totally understand why! Perhaps you've been busy reading about the finale and the theories that hint at the possibility of season 2, talking to your friends about why you loved CLOY, and re-watching your favorite episodes (or maybe the entire series)
  6. Crash Landing on You - S01E01 Crash Landing on You Episode #1.1 Crash.Landing.on.You.S01E01.NF.1080p.WEB-DL.H264.AAC-Js 0% 45865 0 over 1 year. Crash Landing on You - S01E14 Crash Landing on You Episode #1.14 사랑의 불시착.E01.191214.720p-NEXT 0% 7361 0 over 1 year
  7. This week we have two more dramas to look forward to: an underdog story and a much-awaited blockbuster. Stove League Time slot: Friday & Saturday Broadcaster: SBS Genre: Sports Episode count: 16 Reasons to watch: Fresh off his success with Doctor Prisoner, Namgoong Min's jumped back into the thick of things in this baseball Continue reading Premiere Watch: Stove League, Crash Landing on.

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Episode 1. Sat, Dec 14, 2019 71 mins. Yun Se-ri experiences an accident while paragliding that leaves her unconscious. She later awakens on the northern side of the Korean DMZ to meet Ri Jeong. Crash Landing on You - watch online: streaming, buy or rent . Currently you are able to watch Crash Landing on You streaming on Netflix Crash Landing on You. 2019 | TV-14 | 1 Season | Romantic TV Comedies. A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea -- and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide. Starring: Hyun Bin, Son Ye-jin, Seo Ji-hye. Creators: Lee Jeong-hyo, Park Ji-eun Crash Landing on You: Ep 16 Open Thread. The final episode is here! Whether the finale matches our expectations or not, the ending is always tough to watch. It's our human condition: both in our kdrama lives and our real life, it's always hard to leave behind the ones we've devoted much time and energy to love

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  1. Crash Landing On You is a feel-good romance that crosses Korean boundaries. A paragliding accident lands an elite South Korean heiress in North Korea. There, she finds an army officer who plans to hide her from the authorities
  2. SINGAPORE - Just can't get enough of Crash Landing On You? The popular South Korean series, which just ended its run on Sunday (Feb 16), has captivated fans not just because of its squeal-inducing.
  3. g drama Crash Landing on You! Crash Landing on You is a new romance drama starring Son Ye Jin as Yoon Se Ri, a wealthy.
  4. Crash Landing on You Season 2 Plot: What can it be about? Well, in this inter-country love story, we follow Ri Jeong-hyuk and Yoon Se-ri who hopelessly fall in love with each other. But the challenge is this — while the former is an army officer from North Korea, the latter is a successful businesswoman and a privileged heiress from South Korea
  5. Crash Landing. You've managed to crash land on a dry, dusty planet. No water, no food, no real supplies. The first challenge, to survive the blazing heat where every drop of water is precious. So many modpacks and maps try making gameplay harder by altering hunger
  6. Netflix Korean-language Crash Landing on You was named as the best drama series at the third running of the Asian Academy Creative Awards. Malaysia-Singapore co-production The Garden of.
  7. You've managed to crash land on a dry, dusty planet

Followed by Crash Landing On You star Hyun Bin with 3.5 percent and Gong Yoo with 2.3 percent. The only actress who made the top 5 was none other than Song Hye Kyo with 2.1 percent. Lee Jong Suk came in fifth with 2 percent. Many people shared that because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they watched and consumed more Korean contents such as dramas. In my opinion, it deserved the hype that it got. I mean there must be a reason why it's the second-highest-rated Korean drama in cable television history. But I can name a few reasons which support this claim. 1. The Plot We have a love story betw.. Every weekend, K-drama addicts all over the world eagerly anticipated this Korean drama. Crash Landing On You captured the hearts of so many romance-loving viewers all over the world, and with the 110-minute finale last weekend, everyone was pretty much swooning. But while we certainly enjoyed this show so much, there's at least one bump in the road that we wish were only a dream The Crash Landing On You finale has the highest finale rating for a TvN drama, surpassing the record set by Gong Yoo's global K-Drama hit Goblin a few years back. Tying up loose ends and finding.

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In the beginning, the waves are 100 feet tall and crash over you without mercy. They come 10 seconds apart and don't even give you time to catch your breath. All you can do is hang on and float Crash Landing On You airs episodes on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST on tvN. Watch this video on YouTube For international fans, especially those living in the Americas, Crash Landing On You.

Here're few Korean dramas if you've enjoyed 'Crash Landing on You':- * Descendants of The Sun - available on Netflix and Rakuten Viki * Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (Goblin) - available on Rakuten Viki and Netflix * Something in the Rain - a.. The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows: tvN Crash Landing on You - 23.6 percent. SBS Stove League - 15.84 percent. SBS VIP - 12.05. Crash Landing On You, which premiered in December 2019, tells the story of fashion empire owner Yoon Se-ri, who accidentally crash-lands in North Korea while paragliding

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Landing on bridges: In addition to flying under bridges, know that you can also fly through them. I did touch-and-go landings on the Golden Gate Bridge for an entire afternoon Good morning, human. I must ask that you put the camera down and give me some pets and scratchies. ~Happy Gilmore Happy's bio:.. Crash Landing on You is a Korean drama available on Netflix that is taking marathon watchers by surprise. It's 16 episodes that are roughly an hour and a half each. That's like 16 mini-movies to make up one story. And this story needs at least that many to explore the characters and complexity involved in their stories The actor said Crash Landing on You was a drama that helped him find hope. What I'm most thankful for is that I learned that I'm someone who can be loved as well. I regained a lot of. Thanks to the Movement Control Order (MCO), some of us eventually gave in and started binge-watching K-dramas. And one of the trending, die-die-must-watch K-drama that's current trending in Malaysia right now is 'Crash Landing On You' (CLOY). Many of you may find the lead actor Hyun Bin -- who plays Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok, the captain of an armed forces in North Korea -- as an absolute.

Crash Landing on You. Musicnotes features the world's largest online digital sheet music catalogue with over 400,000 arrangements available to print and play instantly. Shop our newest and most popular sheet music such as The Song for My Brother, The Song for My Brother [easy] and Here I Am Again, or click the button above to browse all. Crash Landing on You tells the secret romance between a South Korean heiress of a conglomerate and a high-ranking North Korean officer. Yoon Se Ri is an heiress to a conglomerate in South Korea.One day, while paragliding, an accident caused by strong winds leads Yoon Se Ri to make an emergency landing in North Korea Crash Landing on You (2019) Sure, the premise of this South Korean drama — about a wealthy South Korean business executive who ends up on the North Korean side of the region's. Information. Title: Crash Landing on You/Emergency Lands of Love/Emergency Love Landing/Sarangui bulsichak/사랑의 불시착 Director: Lee JungHyo Writer: Park JiEun. Network: tvN / Available on Netflix. Runtime: From Dec. 14 # of Episodes: 16. Language: Korean. Summary. The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a.

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Hyun Bin's popularity is growing by the day! The actor has been stealing viewers' hearts all over the world with his current character Ri Jung Hyuk on tvN's Crash Landing on You. Hyun. Crash Landing, reported by Geoff Thompson and presented by Kerry O'Brien, goes to air on Monday 3rd September at 8.30pm on ABC1. It is replayed on Tuesday 4th September at 11.35pm Crash Landing on You. Description: A paragliding mishap drops a South Korean heiress in North Korea — and into the life of an army officer, who decides he will help her hide. Other Name: 사랑의 불시착. Creator: Park Ji-eun. Released: Dec. 14, 2019. Status: Completed This mod tries to add a new gameplay, when you need to choose between resources and wounded peoples. And may be between wounded and maimed. There are two new scenarios: Easy and Hard In Easy scenario, you start with 3 healthy colonists. While some more random colonists will be crash-landing hard with little chance of surviving the impact The latest Korean drama, Crash Landing on You, has, well, crash-landed into the hearts of many young Singaporeans out there.While the biggest takeaway for many viewers might be the brilliant love.

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Crosswind landing ends in crash. April 9, 2021 by General Aviation News Staff 4 Comments. The pilot reported that, while on short final to an airport near Fort Worth, Texas, the Zenith CH801 rolled about 30º to the left when it was about 50 feet above the ground. He applied full right aileron and leveled the plane a couple feet above the. Crash Landing on You (Sarang-ui bulsichak), a 16-episode drama on South Korean cable channel tvN in 2019-20 that was also released on Netflix, has drawn broad attention for its storyline featuring a South Korean heiress stranded in North Korea who falls in love with an elite military officer.Though the show invokes many formulae of South Korean dramas, it also offers a detailed portrait of. - it seems to me that a 7,100 ft runway has enough room to land after a rejected take off .if the pilot uses 30 degees flaps. [ the crash pics show '0' flaps. ]-Then there is the forward slip to lose altitude fast. - lastly landing straight ahead , there is a long grass run off area on rwy 34

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1. Episode 1. December 14, 2019. Knocked out by fierce winds while paragliding through the air, Yun Se-ri wakes up on the north side of the Korean DMZ, where Ri Jeong Hyeok finds her. Crash Landing On You. Trailer - 32 sec. Description. Yoon Se-ri is a beautiful heiress and a leading fashion businesswoman in South Korea, and she meets North. item 4 CRASH LANDING ON YOU Korean DVD With English Sub All Region Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin 4 -CRASH LANDING ON YOU Korean DVD With English Sub All Region Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin. $54.99. +$4.96 shipping. 5.0. 5.0 out of 5 stars based on 1 product rating. 1 product rating. 5. 1 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars. 1


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