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Sinks with 2 or 3 basins in it are best for the serious chef to give you plenty of room to cut, clean, and store prep materials until you are ready to dispose of them. In some case, you may even have two sinks, one near the fridge where you can pull out and clean items, and then a second where you will store and clean dishes after use While we might focus on the kitchens of home cooks most of the time, we're not immune to the joy of peeking behind the scenes of some of our favorite chefs as well. Yes, some of the big names have enviable, modern kitchens — specially designed to suit their every cooking need — but many chefs are dealing with cramped cupboards and never enough counter space, just like the rest of us

Here are expert tips from two chefs on how to build a kitchen for serious cooks: Plan for More Than One Cook The recent popularity of open floor plans is a boon for people who love to cook and entertain. You want a great social area, Johnson says You can still have a gorgeous kitchen, but convenience is the number one priority in kitchen design for serious cooks. Stainless steel is ideal, as it is durable and easy to clean. Surfaces for your countertops and floor should also be low-maintenance - plastic laminate and quartz are good materials to use No two serious cooks are alike: the cook who spends all of their time creating one of a kind jams and jellies will need a very different type of kitchen than the dedicated baker or the home sausage maker. Those serious needs must be met while honoring everyone else's needs as well The ceramic-coated cookware is chemical-free, oven safe up to 550°, and comes with a fry pan, sauce pan, sauté pan, a Dutch oven and three matching lids. Best of all, it also comes with a rack that'll keep your pans organized, and a lid hanger that lies flat against your wall

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A chef's kitchen is designed and equipped to satisfy the needs of a professional chef—or regular folk who have a hankering to cook at that level. Desired features typically include the. Ceramic Tile and Porcelain Tile are classic choices for kitchens and one of the ideal substances to use for countertops because they can withstand the heat in the kitchen and don't stain easily. Add a water resistant grout and tiles will provide the results serious home cooks are looking for in their kitchens Serious home cooks need workhorse pans — and this one fits that bill. Our tester claimed these pans cooked and felt just like restaurant kitchen quality and could withstand all kinds of recipes Kitchens for Serious Cooks and Entertainers Post date: Feb 8, 2018 8:30:10 PM The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home...it is the gathering place, the comforting place, the nurturing place Three Great Countertops for Cooks Stainless steel is ideal for a kitchen that gets lots of hands-on use. There's a reason it is the top choice of professional cooks and chefs. It rates very high in all the essential categories: heat resistance, a non-staining surface and ease of cleaning

Having the right tools and equipment to get serious in the kitchen is only one half of the equation; you also need the right dishes, bowls, platters, and stands to display and serve your culinary.. I'm a pretty serious cook in a small, unfancy kitchen - we've still got the 1952 cabinets in all their glory. So not much space. I have a set of 5 knives, one jug of spoons/rubber scrapers/spatulas/tongs, 4 cookie sheets, a set of mixing bowls, a set of measuring cups and spoons, a food scale, a few cutting boards, a rolling pin, a set of stainless steel pans (boxed set, I would buy separately. 11 Kitchen Gadgets for Serious Home Cooks. Give them the sous vide machine they've always wanted. by James Park @jamesyworld Nov 17, 2017, 9:01am ES

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  2. It is a great addition to the kitchen of serious cooks, providing ample space for large meals and professional quality that is built to last. A Dual Fuel, Double Oven Option If you are seeking all the perks of the range above, but you still want more, then you may want to consider Thor Kitchen's model number HRD4803U
  3. Four work stations, an island with two ovens, eight burners, a griddle, a grill, a salamander, sink and pot filler are just some of the components that support this work-horse of a kitchen. Design by Peter Salern
  4. Over 200 presets make cooking as easy as pressing a button and the device will do the rest. To make the ideal steak, for example, it automatically goes between roast, broil and bake functions
  5. PHOTOS Kitchen & Dining Kitchen Dining Room Pantry Great Room Breakfast Nook Bed & Bath Bathroom Powder Room Bedroom Storage & Closet Baby & Kids Living Living Room Family Room Sunroom. Outdoor Landscape Patio Deck Pool Backyard Porch Exterior Outdoor Kitchen Front Yard Driveway Poolhouse Walkways Staircase Entry Hall
  6. Serious cooks need serious tools. Here are three of the best tested rangetops

COOKS' KITCHENS / Professionals share their recipes for design success. Jill Storey , Special to The Chronicle. May 23, 2007 Updated: Jan. 15, 2012 10:03 p.m. 8. 1 of 8 design_kitchens_jones_085. Our collection of cooking gifts is full of the perfect culinary picks for any home cook or gadget lover. We all have at least one on our shopping list, which is why we cultivated this collection of cooking gifts and kitchen counter-worthy finds for bakers, at-home chefs, and foodies alike When folded the container is about the size of a cereal box, roughly 8 inches by 11 1/2 inches by 2 1/4 inches. It is made of hard white plastic and has 13 slots for dishes and four for glasses. Chef's knife. 2 picks, $145-$180. One great chef's knife is all you need, and it's worth investing in something nice if you're serious about cooking regularly. Spending over $100 gets.

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  1. Kitchen (Before) Problems: The existing kitchen and surrounding spaces, which included the family room, dining room and formal living room, all felt dark and tight, with an awkward, closed-off flow.The kitchen had limited counter space, shallow pantry cabinets and an awkward peninsula. In addition, a screened-in porch that the family rarely used limited the amount of natural light reaching the.
  2. → Creating a Homey Restaurant-Style Kitchen with a Chef Table at Home photo: Deulonder Domestic Architecture (kitchen 1) You see plenty of pretty kitchens in magazines and online. Unfortunately, some kitchens are more beautiful than useful. I am interested by kitchens that are practical and beautiful. I found several ideas when I looked at the portfolio of Deulonder Domestic Architecture
  3. A serious cook has serious needs. This kitchen has hidden details that make turning out deliciousness easier. A hinge system was placed in a lower cabinet for the stand mixer, allowing it to be hidden, and then brought to counter height when needed. I love my mixer stand, and also have a small bottom drawer for my spices, our client says..
  4. Kitchen Ranges: For serious cooks. Reviewed by: Rosemary Thornton. As restaurant ranges become more popular in home kitchens, the line between commercial and residential appliances keeps getting fuzzier. Marketed as a commercial range, this dual fuel appliance from the DCS division of Fisher & Paykel has several features that endear it to the.
  5. With the holiday season right around the corner, there is probably someone on your gift list who loves to cook or bake. In anticipation, we asked Chef Susie Krutsch, Chef Susie's 8 Must-Have Kitchen Tools for Serious Cooks
  6. e was, and a little smaller than the professional kitchenwhich the head pastry chef and I worked in together. That being said, it takes serious adjusting to cook in such small spaces- and even more serious organization and optimization

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  1. Schwartz, who works for Grayslake, Ill.-based 2S Designs, shares these strategies from his standout design: The biggest design challenge: This was a very long space and the homeowners cook — they really use this kitchen! It had to be beautiful and functional. Schwartz created well-defined work areas, warmth and beauty by employing three.
  2. This LA Chef's At-Home Kitchens Make Serious Cooking Easy. Yes, there are two and one is outside. By Samantha Weiss-Hills. Mar 30, 2021 In this episode of Incredible Kitchens, House.
  3. Virtually everything you cook will require salt. Your kitchen is not complete without it. Nice to have. Extra large stockpot (1) This comes in really handy for making large-batch recipes but also for preparing chicken stock, and cooking crab and lobster. I've also found them to be great for frying since the oil is further away from the top
  4. Tower Kitchen Multi-Tool Holder. Kitchen Gadgets Tower Kitchen Multi-Tool Holder. Credit: amazon.com. This functional gadget airs out your drying water bottles, props up those plastic bags you're scooping leftovers into, and even acts as a trash bag holder. Buy It: amazon.com, $17. 25 of 30
  5. These clever gift ideas, which are perfect for novice bakers, serious foodies, grill masters, and seasoned pros, include the latest and greatest in kitchen gadgets and appliances, along with.
  6. A Serious Cook and Chef Needs a Beautiful and Functional Kitchen Design. If you're a serious cook, you know how important a well organized kitchen is, and how frustrating a kitchen can be if it isn't! Your kitchen should be optimized for cooking, cleanup, and easy access to storage, and if it isn't yet, here's how

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Top 10 Kitchen Tools for Home Chefs. 1. A Sharp Chef's Knife. A sharp knife is an absolute necessity. The most versatile type of blade is a chef's knife or a Japanese santoku knife. A blade that has significant length and width will be the best for chopping, dicing, cubing, mincing, shredding, slicing, and scooping/transferring This is what I did & why. You gotta get rid of the fumes + keep the children saf A serious cooks kitchen - Eclectic - Kitchen - Los Angeles - by MkyDesign | Houz Here, nine tried and true big-ticket kitchen tools that every serious cook should own. 1. Dutch Oven. Staub Dutch Oven. Credit: Courtesy of Sur La Table The Best Gas Ranges for Your Kitchen Cook and bake to perfection with a home chef's best friend—a gas range. A double oven is a luxury and sometimes a necessity for large families and.

Spotted on Dezeen: a low-cost kitchen by Tank Architects of Tokyo designed for a couple with a passion for cooking but a limited budget.. The owners of House K wanted a kitchen with enough space for serious culinary experimentation. The solution? Humble materials like concrete blocks and larch plywood topped with polished stainless steel countertops, which add a finished note to the otherwise. A lot of professional chefs and serious home cooks have kitchens stocked with all kinds of tools, utensils, and unique appliances - guilty! Here's the thing, this is a great opportunity to wow them If you're a serious home cook, a kitchen remodel in Littleton is a valuable opportunity to maximize space and improve your kitchen's functionality. As you embark on your kitchen remodel, you should focus on kitchen ideas that elevate your kitchen's design and function to meet your needs, without sacrificing beauty or quality

Ask any serious home cook and they will tell you: a great kitchen cooking apron with roomy pockets is an essential at the stove or at the grill. We've rounded up some of the best kitchen aprons. Serious cooks are multi-taskers, and a high-quality cooktop range that can take on several pots and pans filled with food without causing fluxes in temperature is a must. Seen here is Fisher. I'm shopping for a new kitchen range and I'm not having much luck figuring out what to get. I'm a pretty serious cook and I'm planning to pay for a nice range, but when I say serious I mean that I don't care about or want a lot of the features that (I think) sell ranges but aren't actually much good for cooking

We are total suckers for cool kitchen gadgets and gizmos. However, fun does not always have to mean frivolous.From an automatic pan stirrer that gives sore wrists a break to a singing pasta timer for perfectly al dente noodles every time, the kitchen gadgets we found below are quite literally game changers for home cooks.. Whether you're looking for a funny conversation starter or a time. Final Thoughts On Our 10 Essential Podcasts for Aspiring Chefs & Serious Home Cooks. We hope that you've found the perfect listen in our essential podcasts for aspiring chefs and serious home cooks. There's several lifetimes worth of hard work and culinary excellence to consume here and we're positive that it will be worth it Kitchen gadget addiction strikes serious cooks, hobbyists alike. Joe Yonan , Boston Globe. April 30, 2003 Updated: Jan. 18, 2012 9:45 p.m. I'm shuffling through one of my kitchen drawers, looking.

Of course, one of these serious stoves can boost your cooking prowess, too—not to mention your home's resale value. Why Buy a Professional Kitchen Stove? Industrial-style appliances started gaining ground in the 1980s, when homeowners began hankering for restaurant ranges to get more burners, more power, and more pro features, like built-in. High-end makers like Bertazzoni and Viking also make small-space models, so even serious cooks can find something that fits the space and works hard. 10 tiny kitchens whose usefulness you won't. Best Smart Kitchen Gadgets for Home Cooks. By Mike Prospero 25 November 2019. Plus, the app has recipes and tips from Serious Eats, one of the better cooking sites online. The Bluetooth-only. Upon learning his client was a serious cook, designer Peter Dunham immediately began brainstorming ways to balance functionality and brilliance within this California kitchen. A steele-and-brass custom hood, inspired by 19th-century English houses, became the main focal and decor point of the space

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Controls knobs aren't stylish. Whether you are a casual cook or an aspiring chef, gas ranges are appreciated for their quick and precise temperature control. Designed with a roomy 5.8-cubic-foot oven, this Samsung model is one of the best gas ranges on the market. It's equipped with desired features, style, and value Best kitchen cookware for a serious home cook My husband and I love cooking, I often dream about cooking before falling asleep. The problem is that I've always been cheap, and since we moved in together six years ago, we've pretty much kept the shitty Walmart/Target cookware we bought back then Increasingly, cooks are opting to separate the cooktop from the oven. Although this divides the cooking zone into two areas, it allows flexibility in kitchen design. It also allows you to choose gas for the cooktop (if you have access to natural gas) and electric for the oven, a combination many professional cooks prefer If you've ever watched Alton Brown cook then you know he has a serious dislike for kitchen gadgets designed for just one purpose, what he calls unitaskers (hello, strawberry slicer!). He told Men's Health, though, that one of his favorite multitasking tools is an immersion blender. This gadget can help you puree soups, smooth sauces.

This LA Chef's At-Home Kitchens Make Serious Cooking Easy. March 25, 2021, 7:07 AM The Kitchen Essentials EHD Are SERIOUS About. A few weeks ago, before I knew the love of my life was going to propose to me, I started getting serious about the items in my kitchen. Namely, I wanted to have nice, reliable kitchenware so Rocky could enjoy cooking and I could start getting excited about it

Quality cookware is at the heart of any serious cook's kitchen. You need a variety of pots, pans, and casseroles, maybe even a few specialty items Italian-Made Abimis Kitchen Is for Serious Cooks. Published: September 15, 2015 | By: American Luxury Staff Italian company Prisma has created a modern new kitchen for gourmet chefs who want a revolutionary kitchen at home. The Abimis Kitchen was created to make conserving, preparing, cooking, presenting, and washing easier for the home chef Epicurious - Wine glasses and cutlery might be traditional, but when you're invited to the nuptials of a culinarily-minded couple, the best kitchen wedding gifts The Best Kitchen Wedding Gifts for Serious Home Cooks - Flipboar Almost all ceramic knives are expensive in comparison to most knives used in home kitchens. However, they are fairly on par with higher quality steel knives used by professional chefs and serious home cooks. The fact is, you won't find them for under $20, but you can easily find them starting at about $50. These knives aren't overly versatile

The Essential Apron. A beautiful blend of form and function, Hedley & Bennett's The Essential apron is a must-have for home chefs. It features brilliant details—like an adjustable neck, plenty of pockets and an easy-to-clean cotton exterior. Plus, you can customize your look with 20+ color options and personalized embroidery 23:58. Aloha State Favorites. Episode • Cook's Country. The Complete Cook's Country TV Show Cookbook. Get every recipe (475+) and product review from all 13 seasons and cook along with the cast of the hit show. Save 43% Now

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Small kitchen, serious cook: 5 meals you can make with just $30 worth of groceries. By Esther Gim. June 14, 2018. Share. Grocery stores can be intimidating without a plan. My grocery shopping plan. The do-it-all cast-iron pan, $14.88. From baking biscuits and cakes to making pizza, the sturdy and durable 10.25-inch cast-iron pan is one of the most versatile items for cooking and baking. A.

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The best kitchens aren't bought all at once—they're built, gradually and lovingly, over the course of a lifetime. But you have to start somewhere, which is where this handy guide to the absolute. For novice cooks, Nitahara and Sexton recommend a digital thermometer. If you want to roast a chicken or you want to cook meat to a certain done-ness or whatever, an instant read is great. Cook's Direct has a complete offering of commercial kitchen supplies to fully prep your institutional foodservice kitchen. You can stock up on cookware, scales, thermometers, prep utensils and more. We carry all the top brands in restaurant smallwares from Carlisle and Cambro to Vollrath, Mercer, FMP, Edlund and so many others

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2 Try a Pull-Out Pantry. Sara Tramp Ligorria. In this kitchen designed by Emily Henderson, spices, dry goods, and other cooking essentials are stored in a pull-out pantry. This keeps then tucked. The home of serious cookers for serious cooks, hand made to the highest quality french range cookers in classic styles, modern styles built bespok

12 Pro Techniques Every Serious Home Cook Should Know We asked some of our favorite chefs for twelve essential techniques, plus advice on fearlessly frying, flipping, seasoning, and more. By Bon. The official home of Cook's Country recipes, how-to cooking guides, and cooking videos. Find the best recipes for fried chicken, pies, cakes, slow cookers, quick and easy dinners, and country cooking Five of the best kitchen knives for serious cooks Tim Hayward is a food journalist and author who has written a new book celebrating the humble kitchen knife Award-winning classic kitchen designed for 'serious cooking' COLLEEN HAWKES 08:48, Aug 23 2017. ANTHONY TURNHAM/SNAP PHOTOGRAPHY

The upscale upgrade creates a focal-point two-level island that provides cooking space for the chef and seating for family members or guests. Appliances and storage features support serious cooking, while new cabinets and stone surfaces add style to function. Shelves replace upper cabinets on one end to open up the space. Ke Kitchen/Cooking. Cook's Country. Kitchen/Cooking. Serious Eats. Food & Beverage. NYT Cooking. Kitchen/Cooking. Free and Simple. Local & Travel Website. See More triangle-down; Pages Liked by This Page. Cook's Illustrated. DCS Appliances. Sunsweet. KOHLER. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery Replacing a scratched, scorched, stained, or just plain unattractive countertop can transform any kitchen. Here are the best kitchen countertops from Consumer Reports' tests Much like we were sold the smaller = less clutter! myth by companies with small kitchen gadgets to sell, we've also been sold the cooking with fat = evil! myth by people with processed food and non-stick pans to sell. And since Fat = Evil has been the mantra for about 30 years now, non-stick pans have proliferated like black mold. The year 2020 turned everyone into a home cook. relished the hours they could spend off Zoom and in the kitchen, is an essential tool for any cook who wants to be considered serious

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Not these serious cooks A cooker, chopping boards and a good knife are all some cooks need to work Sat, Nov 16, 2019, 06:00 Updated: Sat, Nov 16, 2019, 10:0 This intense knife is a kitchen must-have for any serious cook. Read full article. Insider Picks. March 31, 2015, 10:54 AM. best kitchen knife (Amazon The Richmond Artifex II is a small update to the original Artifex, which I have used since my days as a line cook. It holds an edge very well for a knife at this price and makes a great first step.

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Kitchen knives come in many shapes and sizes, but if you ask most home cooks to choose just one they couldn't live without, they'll point to a chef's knife (also called a cook's knife). Sure, other knives in your kitchen might be better suited for special tasks like cutting bread or paring vegetables, but the best chef's knives are designed to. Since 1995, Epicurious has been the ultimate food resource for the home cook, with daily kitchen tips, fun cooking videos, and, oh yeah, over 33,000 recipes. Facebook Twitte The best and most affordable instant-read thermometer that we've found is ThermoWorks's ThermoPop thermometer ($29). It is relatively inexpensive, but not like the cheap, throwaway $10 thermometer that you'll find in that weird kitchenware section of the grocery store. Read the Review. ThermoWorks ThermoPop TX-3100 Kitchen & Cooking 10 must-have kitchen items if you love baking Time to whip out grandma's chocolate chip cookie recipe Credit: Written by Kate Q. McCarthy. Updated October 12, 2018 Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed's editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission

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The fifth most common cause of injury among ages 1 to 4, 15 to 24 and 65 and over was unintentional cuts or piercing. Burns and poisonings enter at No. 6. All these injuries can be caused by. As America's Test Kitchen alum J. Kenji Lopez-Alt wrote on Serious Eats: 'It's one of the few cooking methods where the end result is a vegetable that tastes more like itself than when you started.' Dessert Sous vide works particularly well with creamy, custardy desserts—from pudding to ice cream—and with firm fruit-based desserts.. 11 or 12 chef's knife - Serious cooks typically know how to handle longer blades, and this gives you more workable edge length for cutting large vegetables and meat blocks, and also allows for fewer and cleaner cuts. The difference in working edge between an 8 and a 12 knife is enormous Easy recipes and cooking know how and tools for each of our kitchens, the garden, cooks, baking and halogen etc. The Kitchens. The Preserves Kitchen The Chocolate Kitchen The Kitchen Garden The Halogen Kitchen The Bakers Kitchen The Christmas Kitchen The Frugal Kitchen Food and drink Storage & Organization About Us. Discover Williams-Sonoma's top rated kitchen gadgets and top rated kitchen utensils from quality brands. Shop high-rated cooking utensils at Williams Sonoma

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Essential things to add to your kitchen if you are serious about cooking. Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash. Cooking is an art as well as science. Good cooking demands passion, enthusiasm, precision, and creativity. Gourmet cooking is not necessarily the forte of professional chefs; homemakers can also come up with the best gourmet recipes to. Approach love and cooking with equal abandon, advises the Dalai Lama, but emergency room doctors beg to differ. Although spending time in the kitchen can be magic for the soul, it can be brutal. Chefs and head cooks risk injury in kitchens, which are usually crowded and potentially dangerous. Common hazards include burns from hot ovens, falls on slippery floors, and cuts from knives and other sharp objects, but these injuries are seldom serious. To reduce the risk of harm, workers often wear long-sleeve shirts and nonslip shoes How we use your email address America's Test Kitchen will not sell, rent, or disclose your email address to third parties unless otherwise notified. Your email address is required to identify you for free access to content on the site. You will also receive free newsletters and notification of America's Test Kitchen specials

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In addition, the precision of sous vide cooking allows us to easily home in on the ideal texture for cooked vegetables, cooking them until appropriately softened but before they turn to mush. When plant cells are heated to about 140°F/60°C, a series of structural transformations starts to occur Doing this off the top of my head. I am a VERY serious cook. One other source of information for knives is Cook's Illustrated cookbooks. They have evaluations in the books Mystery Recipe is a podcast that helps kids AND their grown-ups uncover the fun, fantastical, and fascinating sides of food. Each ingredient-themed episode builds to a grand finale: a mystery recipe cook-along. Hosted by Molly Birnbaum. A production of America's Test Kitchen Kids

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Create Instagram-worthy crème brûlée with this handheld kitchen torch from Iwatani, a favorite of professional and home cooks. While some chefs turn to full-size blowtorches to add that flame-touched quality to their dishes, this torch's smaller size makes it easier to handle and less tiring to hold if you're working with larger batches Designed for Seamless Integration. Redesigned with luxury kitchen hoods in mind, Masterpiece ® and Professional Ventilation systems are expertly engineered with Noise Control Technology to quietly clear the air of unwanted odors and irritating smoke. And with push-button controls, plus dishwasher-safe filters, your Thermador kitchen Vent Hoods may become your new favorite appliance

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Cooks stand for long periods and work under pressure in a fast-paced environment. Although most cooks work indoors in kitchens, some may work outdoors at food stands, at catered events, or in mobile food trucks. Injuries and Illnesses. Kitchens are usually crowded and filled with potential dangers, such as hot ovens or slippery floors Someone is getting serious about cooking.... Someone is getting serious about cooking.... Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Press alt + / to open this menu. Facebook. Email or Phone: Pages Other Brand Kitchen/Cooking From Mahi's Kitchen Videos Someone is getting serious about cooking.

Outfitting a Kitchen Remodel for a Serious Cook - TalmadgeThe kitchen appliances designed for the serious home cookThis kitchen was designed by Ed, a serious cookThis Old House — Kitchen Design: Fit for a Crowd Two

ASKO Appliances (Australia) presents a complete collection of kitchen appliances designed to meet the expectations of serious home cooks. Combining a timeless appearance with simple operation and. 1 Tools for Serious Bakers: Sometimes Less is More. 2 Tools for Serious Bakers. 2.1 KitchenAid 6-quart Stand Mixer. 2.2 Stainless Steel Scraper/Chopper. 2.3 Escali Primo 5kg Scale. 2.4 Tapered French Rolling Pin. 2.5 Silicone Spatulas. 2.6 Glass Nesting Bowl Set. 2.7 Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls If you love Cooking & Baking Italian, then this gift guide is for you. Everything from savory to sweet. This Christmas make a baker or cook happy! 12 Best Gifts for Cooking & Baking Italian As you know I love sharing all the Italian Recipes that I learned in Italy either from my mother-in-law, friendsContinue Readin Empty mixture into medium bowl. Sprinkle vodka and water over mixture. With rubber spatula, use folding motion to mix, pressing down on dough until dough is slightly tacky and sticks together. Divide dough into two even balls and flatten each into 4-inch disk. Wrap each in plastic wrap and refrigerate at least 45 minutes or up to 2 days Japan's long-standing tradition of crafting high quality blades extends beyond katanas. The country produces some of the world's best kitchen knives.Professional chefs and home cooks alike tend to lean either German or Japanese when it comes to their blades, with Japanese knifemakers leaning more on specialization and task-specific designs. From the gyuto to the yanagi, these are the eight.